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Posted by: THESE ARE POSTERS! Demolition
February 4th, 2015

Remember those days of hanging posters up on your wall and just staring at them for hours?  While BMX posters might be a lost art, we try and do our best to keep the dream alive.  This batch with Dennis (above), Tyler, and Hucker are ones that we’re so stoked to see in poster format.  They’re all absolutely nuts!  And yes, they’re already on my wall.  Click more to see all 3.  Get at the 18″X24″ posters for 1 penny on our online store HERE>> 




Posted by: VANS X ODYSSEY Shoe Release Odyssey
February 4th, 2015

image (1)

Our anniversary “85 Til Infinity” Vans pack will be out soon. Come celebrate on March 7th. Be there!

Vans Pro

Posted by: Vans Pro Demolition
February 4th, 2015

Tyler Fernengel and extended family rider, Kevin Peraza are officially on the Vans pro team and busted ass in this new Welcome To Vans video.

“These guys are no stranger to riding Vans and we would officially like to welcome Tyler Fernengel, TJ Ellis and Kevin Peraza to the Vans BMX Pro team. There are heaps of road trips planned throughout the year so these guys are going to hit the ground running in waffle soles. Music: “The River” by People’s Temple” – Vans

Jack Kelly update

Posted by: Jack Kelly update Colony
February 4th, 2015

These past couple of weeks I’ve been mostly riding local parks, a little street and my flat rail with good friends while the boss man aka Cooper Brownlee has been away. But I got a few clips with him this past weekend and a few pictures. I also caught the tail end of Colony’s shop tour a couple of weeks back and hung out at Strictly, Prahran and Box Hill to ride with the locals.



Steadfast- Kyle Hibbard

Posted by: Steadfast- Kyle Hibbard FBM
February 4th, 2015


Kyle Hibbard lives near the FBM warehouse, rides with the dudes who work at FBM, and has been hanging out since he was a kid. Kyle has a killer style, rides everything, blasting with a super positive attitude, and is rad to session with… He also rocks a Steadfast!

Stoked to share this edit he put together!

Kyle Hibbard- Early 2015 Edit from FBM BMX on Vimeo.


Drink it (Matte) Black

Posted by: Drink it (Matte) Black S&M
February 3rd, 2015

The post Drink it (Matte) Black appeared first on S&M Bikes.

At Home With Rob Wise

Posted by: At Home With Rob Wise Demolition
February 3rd, 2015

Rob Wise travels the entire world hitting beastly setups that no one else would dream of touching, in fact he does it so well he has built a career out of it. But what about when he’s at home? What does he do when he comes back from a trip and puts down the passport? Does he continue to shred spots to pieces or does he lay dormant in a cave somewhere waiting for his next BMX adventure? This interview dives into who Rob Wise at home, the domesticated Rob Wise, and guess what? He’s still dangerous as hell. Click on the post to find out what Rob does when he’s at home.  

Where do you live?
Layton utah

How long have you lived there?
I moved to layton with my family when I was 8 years old and been here ever since.

Is this your first home that you’ve owned?

You always up to some DIY at your place, what are you currently working on?
Right now I’m just trying to actually finish something. I’m so add that I start one project then get an idea for another and start that one. So I’ve had about 10 different things going at once. Kim just finishing everything up so its a normal house again. Kinda tired of living in Sheetrock dust.


When you first got into your place, I remember you telling me about removing a gigantic tree from the front yard, how was that whole process?
For some reason I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal at all. Once I started cutting limbs off I realized this is the kinda tree you call someone to come cut down for you. I had a ladder set up in the tree so I could make it to the higher branches. A rope tide around the chainsaw handle so I could pull it up once I made it up there. There was a few times I thought I was going to get flung out of the tree. Two of the highest and biggest branches went over my house. I had to scale this branch to get a rope tied around the end of it so my dad could pull on with the truck so it wouldn’t land on the house. So I start cutting into it and my dad starts pulling. (Just so you have an idea this branch was 2 foot around. Not your typical branch.) the whole tree starts to flex. I’m cutting away and hear it start to crackle. So I cut just a little more then pop. Branch goes flying into the yard and I just about got sling shot out of the tree. I was only hanging on by one leg wrapped around the tree. While all of this is going down all the neighbors started to come out and watch me cut this thing down. No one offered to help they just wanted to watch me fall out of the tree haha. I’ll have to say that was one of the scariest and sketchiest things I’ve ever done.

Last time I visited you turned your hallway into a knife throwing range, how did that come about?
It all started with a dart board at the end of the hallway. I think it was only on the wall for about an hour before we decided it was be rad to throw knives. Within the next hour there was a knife wall. We just went and bought some 2x6s and put up on the wall. It worked really good and was a lot of fun. My roommate and I got to the point where we would stand against the wall and throw knives next to each other. Probably not the smartest thing but it was exciting. Since I’ve been finishing the house the knife wall is gone. But I have a wall for the backyard so we can still throw.

You have quite the dog pack forming, how many dogs do you have at the house and how is all that?
I have a Boston terrier and a red nose pitbull. Nilla (boston terrier) is the craziest little animal you’ll ever meet. She’s a little bully. Blu (pitbull) is the biggest sissy ever. He’s scared of his own shadow. He likes to think he’s tuff sometimes but will always come running back with is tail between his legs. It’s pretty funny. My roommate has a black lab.

Why is Layton home and not somewhere a little closer to downtown SLC?
I’m more of a suburbs kinda guy. I like having a big yard for my dogs. Layton is just a little slower pace than downtown. More my style.

Where do you usually ride while your are home in order to keep fresh on the bike?
I really love Ogden park and layton park. Usually try and ride trails when I’m home in the summer. Street missions with elf always really fun too. That guy knows salt lake like the back of his hand.

Who do you ride with most when home?
My friends Calvin, tristen, elf, Tate, Richard,Beringer, cam. Whoever wants to ride really.

What is it about SLC that makes it better than other places you’ve been?
Why call SLC home? I was raised going camping and hiking. So having the mountains this close to me is the best thing ever. Both my parents grew up in small towns and I think they’ve kinda raised me to like the same thing. It has everything I like to do all very close to me. Snowboarding, cliff jumping, shooting guns, amazing street spots, you name it and we have it.

Nathan Sykes update

Posted by: Nathan Sykes update Colony
February 3rd, 2015

This last month has been a good month despite not being able to ride. January 2nd when I was in Oregon I crashed on my last day of the trip home to see my family. Tore my labrum in my shoulder. Doctor said take about 4 weeks to let it rest and then start physical therapy on it. So I just started doing all the stretches an it’s starting to head in the right direction. I think another week or so and I should be back on the bike at 100%. So this last month to keep myself busy and productive I started painting again. Which has been great. Working and growing Locals Only As usual. Just launched a new website which I’m pretty excited about. Can’t wait for the Colony X Locals Only pivotal seat do drop in the coming months. Lots of good things happening just need my shoulder to heal up so I can get back to doing what I love! – Nathan.




Gypsy Soul Searcher

Posted by: Gypsy Soul Searcher FBM
February 3rd, 2015


Out there in the world you will see things you might not have ever imagined or expected.
Eric Hennessey demonstrates with his bike, his bus, his uke, and this video below, a drug addled motorist who picked him and Clint Reynolds up hitch hiking, and talked about dodging moose before wrecking his car…

car accident from erichennessey on Vimeo.




Lakin’s Farewell Jam

Posted by: Lakin’s Farewell Jam Demolition
February 2nd, 2015

I for one have been honored to have ridden these jumps numerous times and to see them coming to an end definitely brings a tear to my eye.  This Saturday, the Lakin’s are throwing the last ride at the legendary jumps, so come on out and bring the crew for a one of a lifetime last ride at the jumps.

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