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[RE-UP] Aitken & Dugan in Idaho/Montana

Posted by: [RE-UP] Aitken & Dugan in Idaho/Montana Odyssey
March 11th, 2015

Remember that time that MIKE AITKEN and TOM DUGAN hopped in a Trans AM and traveled through Idaho and Montana in 2011?

Filmed and Edited by JOE RICH.

One Hit Wednesday #4 ft. Tony Hamlin

Posted by: One Hit Wednesday #4 ft. Tony Hamlin Kink
March 11th, 2015

While cruising around on our Mexico City tour last year, we came across these “tea cups” that we had recognized from previous bmx videos. They were super hard to ride and none of us could really come up with anything. Tony didn’t seem to be having trouble and eventually started toying with the idea of flipping it. The first attempt was super sketchy, he basically front cased the edge of the cup. Somehow, next try he pulled it perfectly, and we had a good laugh at how ridiculous this clip is.

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Caption This With Dennis Enarson

Posted by: Caption This  With Dennis Enarson Demolition
March 11th, 2015

If you saw Dennis’ video yesterday, now you can see some of the crazy action in photos from DIG BMX Magazine’s ‘Caption This’ gallery HERE>>. Photo by: Vince Perraud

Tanner Barkin

Posted by: Tanner Barkin Defgrip
March 11th, 2015

tanner barkin, art

Been digging the works of Tanner Barkin. Follow him on Instagram.

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DIG BMX – Sean Sexton Photos!

Posted by: DIG BMX – Sean Sexton Photos! Kink
March 11th, 2015

Click HERE or the photo below of Sexton popping a proper fast plant in BCN, to see more photos of Sean during the filming of his SXTN Part that is online now…



Posted by: EYELAND Cult,Defgrip
March 11th, 2015

eyeland, cult, video, bmx

Just got around to eyeballing this EYELAND video. Eyeballs are not disappointed.

Click below to watch.

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Dillon Leeper 10 trick blast

Posted by: Dillon Leeper  10 trick blast FBM
March 11th, 2015


Dillon Leeper shown here in a new edit, blasting out 10 alley way tricks on a random afternoon in Richmond Virginia.
Get Stoked!

Tom Stretton checks in…

Posted by: Tom Stretton checks in… Colony
March 10th, 2015

Read on below for what Tom Stretton has been up too…

Hey guys just letting you all know what I’ve been up to.

Lately I’ve been working a bunch and riding when I can. Loving it so much down here in Melbourne. Everyone is sweet and I’m having the best time.

Last weekend I went to the Eat Children Crew DIY spot, jam. It was a blast. The Adelaide crew is seriously one of the sickest scenes around and I thank them so much for their hospitality and hard work on that ghetto set up. #fuckmurraybridgecouncil

This weekend there was Sam Tormey’s jam out at Morwell. Sam is a young local down here who has been battling a rare type of Bone Cancer. It’s such a shit thing but it was great to see all the riders that came out and showed support. It was also great to see you and say g’day Sam. Hope you had a ripper day brother. f#ckcancer

Also, I just got a new frame in the mail and I’d like to thank boss man Millar as always. I continued by taking paint stripper to it immediately and then to the rest of my bike hahaha. I love it. Let me know what you guys think.




Sean Sexton – SXTN Frame Promo

Posted by: Sean Sexton – SXTN Frame Promo Odyssey
March 10th, 2015

Hit play to watch some new fire from Sean in his new Kink promo!

King Huck

Posted by: King Huck S&M
March 10th, 2015

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