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Spots with Ryan Guettler

Posted by: Spots with Ryan Guettler Colony
June 21st, 2014

Ryan is at Woodward West right now and he featured in their video series called spots where basically a rider talks about what part of Woodward West is their favourite then proceed to shred it hard which Ryan does…

D.I.Y in Melbourne (leftovers)

Posted by: D.I.Y in Melbourne (leftovers) Colony
June 20th, 2014

We had a bunch of footage leftover from the D.I.Y project so we put them together with some B-Roll to give you a little more insight into the 3 days in the heat…

Original video…

[RE UP] Key Chain Q&A

Posted by: [RE UP] Key Chain Q&A Odyssey
June 20th, 2014


Back in January of 2013, John Paul came to OTX Design to ask our head product designer some questions about our Key Chain. Click HERE to check that out, its a good read.

Turn Down The Suck Tour Starts Today!

Posted by: Turn Down The Suck Tour Starts Today! Kink
June 20th, 2014


Stacked BMX night ride

Posted by: Stacked BMX night ride Colony
June 20th, 2014

Larry ‘s shop Stacked BMX over in Riverside, CA is putting on monthly night rides and Vital was on hand to capture the first evening. Jourdan and Larry along with all the locals throw down some good lines throughout. Stacked stock all our product so hit them up if you are ever in the Riverside area.

Stacked BMX Shop: First Monthly Night Ride – More BMX Videos

Tour Nado!

Posted by: Tour Nado! FBM
June 20th, 2014


On June 21st we start the world famous, Profile and FBM “MAIDEN AMERICA” tour, with Matt Coplon, Mark Mulville, Dillon Leeper, Phil Jones, Zach Rogers, Eric Holladay and Steve Crandall… Pittsburgh, Woodward and Bethlehem!

June 21- The Wheel Mill
June 23 – Pro Bikes
June 24- Pulse Performance
June 25- Woodward
June 26- The Butchers Block

Come Hang out, free hi fives and good times!








VIDEO: Collin Nevin

Posted by: VIDEO: Collin Nevin Deluxe
June 19th, 2014

Here’s a short joint-edit from Little Black Bike in Australia, featuring our new Aussie Deluxe connection Collin Nevin… check this out.

Char-Fu Check

Posted by: Char-Fu Check S&M
June 19th, 2014

The post Char-Fu Check appeared first on S&M Bikes.

Ryan Guettler update

Posted by: Ryan Guettler update Colony
June 19th, 2014

I’m writing a update from Woodward camp and it makes think how crazy that is to say. As a kid I grew up dreaming of Woodward camp I had all the posters on my walls, All the riders I looked up to I ripped out of magazines and tacked them to the wall. And one day I was riding Beenleigh and Colin Mackay was there filming, Colin lived on the other side of Brisbane so it was a treat to see him because he would always go highest over Beenleigh hip.. Before he left he handed out stickers to all the kids like how I thought pros would, he gave me a Woodward sticker and joked you should go there one day. I didn’t know what to do with it, it was too special to put on my helmet or bike because I might never get one again. I framed it with a photo of lot 8 and a photo of the dirt jumps from BMXPLUS. Crazy to think him giving me that sticker has motivated me this much. I’ve been to Woodward over 40 different times now and have the best times here !!! Thanks Col I owe you!!!

I’m here all week and some of next week getting some new tricks dialed before I go to Barcelona next week for an event. Here’s some photos of the good times.




Jackson Allen- Steadfast

Posted by: Jackson Allen- Steadfast FBM
June 19th, 2014


Jackson Allen of Sasquatch Canyon fame, has an awesome bike check up on the QBMX website you can scope by following the link, and see his brand new Steadfast CS.
Both Jax, and the Steadfast kick ass, if you see him, give him the bro down fist bump to high five and say what’s up!

photo copy

photo copy 2




FBM Steadfast- Jackson Allen! from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

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