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Gary Young – Vans Oregon Trip

Posted by: Gary Young – Vans Oregon Trip Odyssey
September 19th, 2014

Those parks. This crew. Holy shit.

Hit play to watch some proper bicycle maneuvers.

Dennis’ New RIDEbmx RIG Line Ad

Posted by: Dennis’ New RIDEbmx RIG Line Ad Demolition
September 19th, 2014


Just peeped the new RIDEbmx with our new print ad of Dennis doing this insane 180 fakie to oppo whip and figured we’d show it off online.  Right when you thought you’ve seen it all, Dennis comes out swinging with another insane move.  If you have any questions about Dennis’ RIG line, go to his interview we posted a bit ago about what went into it all here >>.  Check out the full specs/ details on each of the product pages here:  Rig Bar / Rig Tire / Rig Crank.  Photo by J.Cobbs.  Check out the full ad by clicking the top photo or read more.


Vans Oregon Trip

Posted by: Vans Oregon Trip Defgrip
September 19th, 2014

It’s not everyday you see a strictly concrete park edit clocking in over 11 minutes. This has a ton of steezy dudes tearing up the concrete waves of Oregon and there’s no flat ledges or rails and is definitely worth a watch.

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Alex Hiam update

Posted by: Alex Hiam update Colony
September 19th, 2014

So the past two weeks have taken for ever, I am pretty limited to what I can do during the days, being stuck in a full arm/wrist cast. I have been hanging out at the skatepark to get some sun and eating a lot haha.

The healing process is going all great and have my next appointment in 2 weeks to get my full arm cast cut to a wrist cast. I can’t wait.

Thanks for the support

Follow me on insta @alexhiam for updates !



Angel Of Death!

Posted by: Angel Of Death! FBM
September 19th, 2014

fbm aod gloss black

When We started making frames, we wanted to make something strong, functional, and totally awesome.
What we came up with was the Angel Of Death, and years later, it’s back!
With final details still pending, we have this spy shot of one of 3 existing NEW Angel of Death frames made in house at FBM Machine Shop!

Keep an ear to the ground for more information!

Current Testing being done by Dylan Cole and Kelly Baker…








Product highlight – TENacious Bars

Posted by: Product highlight – TENacious Bars Colony
September 18th, 2014

Our largest bar ever has just dropped worldwide & measures in a whopping 10.0″ tall & 30.0″ wide.

The TENacious Bars use our own multi butted tubing mould with a thicker walled tubing where it counts on the cross bar & grip bend intersection. WE’ve also used a larger diameter cross bar itself for extra strength. All this size though, doesn’t mean they weigh a tonne either. Using full posted heat treated, multi butted CrMo we’ve kept the weight down like any of other our bars.

Click here to check them out further or go pick yourself up a pair at any Colony dealer now.




Yo yo !!

Gary Young in Sunday UK 2014

Posted by: Gary Young in Sunday UK 2014 Odyssey
September 18th, 2014

Have you guys seen that new Sunday edit with Gary in it? He and the rest of the Sunday crew throw down some serious moves. And, speaking of Gary, watch his bike build itself:

Fresh Kink Build Breakdown

Posted by: Fresh Kink Build Breakdown Kink
September 17th, 2014

A brand new Kink! This bike is built up entirely of Kink products available right now (besides the SXTN Frame available in March).

photo 1

Kink’s Tony Hamlin Solace Bars, 53mm High Rise Stem, Ideal Bar ends…

photo 2

The Kink Pivotal Stealth Seat and Post, inside the SXTN Frame Seat Tube and Integrated Seat Post Clamp. Super clean, simple, and easy to install.

photo 4

Up front…Kink Lyra Tire, Foundation Forks in 32mm offset, Boulevard Front Hub laced to an Atlas Rim, Plastic Drift Peg, and a Plastic Boulevard Hub Guard.

photo 3

In the rear…Lyra Tire, 9t LHD Incite Rear Hub laced to an Atlas Rim. Plastic Drift Peg and Plastic Incite Rear Hub Guard.


Kink Pillar Cranks 175mm, Minus One Sprocket 28t, and Senec Pedals.




Posted by: IT’S A NEW ERA S&M
September 17th, 2014

The post IT’S A NEW ERA appeared first on S&M Bikes.

Denied In Heathrow With Connor Lodes

Posted by: Denied In Heathrow With Connor Lodes Demolition
September 17th, 2014

Connor Lodes was invited on our big Tea And Biscuits 2 UK tour and as you might have noticed, he went MIA throughout the whole trip.  We never really got into it with him or told what exactly happened till now.  We sat down with Connor to get the whole lowdown and hear what the hell happened.  Click more to read the whole story. 

So you recently went to London to go on the Tea and Biscuits 2 tour and a travel nightmare happened.  What exactly happened?
I flew over there for the trip and when I got to customs, I just said the same thing I always say when traveling to another country, but this time they asked me when the last time I was there. I told them two weeks ago because I was out there for Ride to Glory for Premium. The customs agent got suspicious why I was out there twice in such a short period of time, and why I didn’t just stay out there. Then they started asking me a bunch of questions about what I was there for and who I was staying with. I didn’t really want to tell them what I was doing because I’ve heard if you travel for work and don’t have the right documents they will send you back.

Denied In Heathrow With Connor Lodes

What do you normally tell customs when you travel to another county? 
I just tell them I’m headed there for vacation and just to go sight seeing and stuff like that.

Why don’t you tell them you are there for a bike trip for Demo?
Well when you tell them your there for a bike trip they then want to know if that’s what you do for work and if your making money while in the county.  If they think you are making money then they might not let you into the country.

Denied In Heathrow With Connor Lodes

So is that why they didn’t let you in this time around?
Kind of, I told them I was on vacation and they got suspicious about me being there two weeks before, so then they ended up looking up my name on google and actually finding the Tea And Biscuits flyer that I was there to go on and that I was a pro rider. Then they ended up taking me aside to this other waiting area and got all the info I had to give them for the trip. They called Steve (at Elephant Distro) to find out was really going on and to make sure my story checked out. After that they put me in a waiting room for a bit, while the customs agent came back and took me to another room where we went over all the questions again that they had already asked me except this time they wrote everything down on paper.

Had they told you at this point that they weren’t letting you into the country?
No no , they were still trying to figure it out.

Denied In Heathrow With Connor Lodes

Then what happened? 
So the customs agent finished asking me all the questions a second time and writing out all of my responses and then he took me back to the main waiting room where I had to wait while the guy went and talked to the main customs agent. The main guy went over all my responses to decide whether or not they were going to let me in the country.  After about an hour and a half the first customs agent that I spoke with comes back into the room and takes me over to the interview room. I noticed that he had my boarding passes in his hand so I knew right away that I was going home. He asked me if I knew what was going on and why I was getting sent back, I said, “yes, I knew exactly why.”

What was the ultimate reason why they denied you entry?
Because I told them I was there for vacation when really I was there to go on tour.

Did they ever bring up you making money in the country or being a pro rider?
No!  I just think they were mostly pissed that I said I was there for vacation.

Denied In Heathrow With Connor Lodes

After he breaks the news to you, then what goes down?
After that he takes me to my bags and tells me to put everything in my pockets into my bag, they took me back to the waiting room and told me my flight was at 11am the next day. I remember for sure, it was 3:45pm and I sat in that room till 10:15am the next morning.

What did you do when you got home? 
I just took a day to get my head straight. I only slept 6 hours in almost 60 hours, so I was super jet lagged and needed to relax for a bit before getting back into my day to day.

Denied In Heathrow With Connor Lodes

What do you think you’ll do next time you go through customs?
Honestly, probably the same thing I do every time (laughter).  I don’t think it would ever have been a problem if I hadn’t have been there two weeks prior. But who knows, I will change it up if I need to.

Do you have any other travel plans or projects you’re working on for the rest of the year?
Ya, I’m going to Texas Toast in October to ride in the contest and go have fun at Nora Cup. Other than that, I’m chillen and tripped out!!

Denied In Heathrow With Connor Lodes

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