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Markit Denim: Connor Unseen/Seen Markit Zero Photos

Posted by: Markit Denim: Connor Unseen/Seen Markit Zero Photos Demolition
April 12th, 2014


They guys at Markit Denim are at it again with their Unseen Markit Zero photos feature, this time with Demolition’s Connor Lodes. The above wall ride was featured in Connor’s Dig Mag Interview so it’s not exactly “unseen” but it’s still kick ass! Check out the gallery HERE.

Ricky Catanzariti footage

Posted by: Ricky Catanzariti footage Colony
April 12th, 2014

Ricky is always coming through with some creative moves and this video is no different, freshness…

Mike in RIDE BMX Mag

Posted by: Mike in RIDE BMX Mag Deluxe
April 12th, 2014

saav in ride

Mike in France, photo by Pompom.

The latest issue of RideBMX has a really good feature with Mike, detailing his travels last Autumn through PA and Europe, with some really cool photos accompanying Mike’s story. Well worth checking out for sure – go HERE for more info, and get yourself to a store and buy a copy.

Rolls V2 How-Tube!

Posted by: Rolls V2 How-Tube! Demolition
April 11th, 2014

We’ve been knocking out some How-To’s lately in the office and our next one is ready. It shows the in’s and out’s of taking the Rolls V2 hub apart and switching it between LHD and RHD using the Switch Drive System (SDS). Filmed and edited by our very own Josh Clemens (@joshclemens) and brought to you by Kevin. (Seems like Kevin’s got some acting experience)

Tom Stretton update

Posted by: Tom Stretton update Colony
April 11th, 2014

Hey guys.

Just checking in to say g’day. Been filming a bit with Vocko lately for the edit I’ve been working on. So be on the lookout for that soon. I’ll be down in Canberra for the ACT Jam this month so come and say g’day! Can’t wait to see all the guys and have some good times.

Also the new 2020 DVD “That’s What’s Up” just came out and it is unbelievable. Shout out to Troy Charlesworth, Matt Holmes and everyone involved for the great job. Hit the 2020 site here and download it for just 5 bucks. If that’s not enough, in the bonus section, the man himself Shane Batchler has a clip of the best tail whip to abubaca you will probably ever see haha.

Till next time,


Joey Piazza for Animal

Posted by: Joey Piazza for Animal Defgrip
April 11th, 2014

This edit shows that creativity and proper spot-usage in BMX still exists. Not only does Joey spend endless hours lurking for the spots; He also blesses them in a genuine manner.

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Ed Ricketts

Posted by: Ed Ricketts FBM
April 11th, 2014


I had never seen Jackson Allen between February 27, 1902 – December 20, 1968, but he was revered for his realistic and imaginative writings, combining as they do sympathetic humour and keen social perception, after the sixties however, he was like “fuck this, let’s party!”

So recently I hit him up-

Hey Jackson, whats new?-

“Spent the day working on a surfboard rack for a friend, feeling the backs of my legs burning in the sun and listening to paul simon and the baseball game droning in the background. Got a cheap haircut, barber told me about a great lasagna recipe. Pedaled to the Live Oak American gas station by Mike’s house to catch a ride to the trails. Did some table tops, hooted and hollered.”

seat grab and downside table thing- JAckson Allen
bugs eye view table- Mike Porkandcheese
Mean Joe Green and Goldie Hawn.

John Ernst Steinbeck, Jr. was born on February 27, 1902, in Salinas, California












POTD: Ted at Hush, Austin TX

Posted by: POTD: Ted at Hush, Austin TX Deluxe
April 11th, 2014


Ted nails it. Hush Trails, Austin, TX. Photo by Ryan Moore

BSD – Alex D – 6 Days in Cyprus

Posted by: BSD – Alex D – 6 Days in Cyprus Defgrip
April 10th, 2014

BSD edits are fuckin rad….and Alex D never disappoints.

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Dorame/Velasco Edit

Posted by: Dorame/Velasco Edit S&M
April 10th, 2014
Dorame/Velasco Edit

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