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#TexasToast2014 – Day 3 Highlights from Vital

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Day 3 Highlights from Vital Odyssey
October 20th, 2014

Here are some Day 3 highlights from Vital BMX!

#TexasToast2014 – Street Qualifying Photogallery

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Street Qualifying Photogallery Odyssey
October 20th, 2014

Street is always a popular and wild event at Toast. We had over 70 riders this year so a lot of crazy shit went down. As always, Ride BMX was there to get photos of everything.

View the full gallery at »

#TexasToast2014 – Dirt Finals Video

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Dirt Finals Video Odyssey
October 20th, 2014

The dirt finals at Texas Toast this year were nuts, but what more would you expect when you take 15 of BMX’s best dirt riders and throw em on one amazing course. Designed and built by the likes of Dave King, Clint Reynolds, and Jeremy Reiss, the course had this cool shark fin / burm setup, and ofcoarse a nice long and low for dudes to really send it over the last set… And sending it is exactly what they did.

- Ride BMX

#TexasToast2014 – Dirt Qualifying Video

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Dirt Qualifying Video Odyssey
October 20th, 2014

Dirt Qualifying at Texas Toast was a treat to watch. With so many varying styles, this video from qualifying offers a little bit of everything. From big moves, to triple-trick combos, to the straight steeze cats… No matter what you’re into it’s all here.

- Ride BMX

#TexasToast2014 – Dirt Qualifying Photogallery

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Dirt Qualifying Photogallery Odyssey
October 20th, 2014

Here’s a whole batch of photos from all the dudes who registered for Dirt this year. There are some wild variations happening in these!

View the full gallery at »

#TexasToast2014 – Final Results

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Final Results Odyssey
October 19th, 2014

Congrats to Dennis Enarson and Mike Hucker on winning this year at Texas Toast!

Zac Miner’s backyard

Posted by: Zac Miner’s backyard Colony
October 19th, 2014

So It’s everyone’s dream to have a set of trails or a sick ramp in their backyard and this bad boys been sitting in my backyard for a couple of months now. It’s at about the half way point, with one layer of ply on the whole thing. it looks amazing, I can’t wait to having this thing rolling. But money’s the issue. I’m kinda throwing out a helping hand to anyone that knows a builder around the Canberra area or that can get 20 sheets of ply real cheap. So I can have this thing all finished up for these warmer months. Hit me up on a FB message if anyone can help. I’ll throw in a whole box of goodies if you can help my dream wrap up a little quicker. Thanks guys

photo 1

photo 2

#TexasToast2014 – Day 2 Highlights from Vital BMX

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Day 2 Highlights from Vital BMX Odyssey
October 19th, 2014

Day 2 is a wrap and here’s a new highlight reel from Vital BMX.

#TexasToast2014 – Broc wins Sunday Bikes’ Highest Bunnyhop Challenge

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Broc wins Sunday Bikes’ Highest Bunnyhop Challenge Odyssey
October 19th, 2014

Sunday Bikes‘ highest bunnyhop challenge went down yesterday and for the 4th year in the row, Broc still remains undefeated. Not only that, I bet he could’ve gone an extra inch or two on top of the already whopping 49″ hop.

Brought to you by Vital BMX.

#TexasToast2014 – Mini Event Highlights

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Mini Event Highlights Odyssey
October 19th, 2014

From the Gantlet of Death, to the high hop contest, the Creedence “More Cowbell” contest, veterans jam, and a brick hubba jam in memory of Mike Tag. Check out all the mini event highlights in this one awesome video.

- Ride BMX

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