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Paddy Gross update

Posted by: Paddy Gross update Colony
November 13th, 2015

Hello everyone! Hope you’ll are doing good and having fun riding your bikes. The winter in this part of the USA is moving closer and luckily I have “the Lumberyard” Indoor bike park to ride. Next to work, my misses and our 3 cats, I am spending quite a fair amount of time on my bike and keep working on my to do list. This list is pretty much a mix of tricks from back in the 90’s and Ideas I’ve had in the 90’s and about 15 years later I now try to finish unfinished business. It’s fun to create new combos and tricks and it feels a bit funny knowing the guy next to me is working on flair bar to whip while I am trying to 540 nosepick on a subbox. I am doing my own thing here and don’t really have anyone riding frontbrakes but the people I ride with are having a good time watching how BMX looked like 20 years ago haha. Since Clint & Keith hooked me up with the “Prody” frame I also got back into riding flatland again which definitely helps me with my balance and it’s fun on top of it. The frame is amazing and just looking at my bike makes so excited to ride everytime! I feel honored and lucky to ride one of those and this is the bike now that fulfills all my wants and needs. Well this is it for now and I’ll stop by again. I am not too much of a social media person but I still want to thank you for all the “likes” and kind words for what I am doing. I really appreciate it! All the best and have fun riding your bike!

Thanks to Eddie Braks for the photos.



Bicycle Manufacturing Photos

Posted by: Bicycle Manufacturing Photos FBM
November 13th, 2015


Many have said the essence of BMX is participation, whether it be riding, facilitating events, building spots or in the case of FBM, all the above as well as a hands on approach to making bikes in our machine shop.

If you take a second to look at these photos, you will get a glimpse at the attention to detail, and the commitment to quality FBM puts forth on every product we put our name on.

Check out these links below as well

FBM Frames and Products

Custom Frames

FBM Store

Custom Fabrication and Welding

Follow FBM Machine Shop Instagram for real time updates on production and custom fabrication.

If you want to see what the FBM crew at large is up to as well as product updates and more, hit up FBM Bike Company on Instagram.

Get Stoked, Stay Stoked!

DSC_0046 2












DSC_0043 copy

Brandon Van Dulken video

Posted by: Brandon Van Dulken video Colony
November 12th, 2015

Brandon Van Dulken is a man with skills on a bike that some of us only dream of. He can ride anything put in front of him and chances are he will be going full speed at it. Check his latest video below and his signature Roaster bars right here. Thanks to Corey Walsh for getting us the extra footage.

How’s It Hangin’?

Posted by: How’s It Hangin’? S&M
November 12th, 2015
How’s It Hangin’?

The post How’s It Hangin’? appeared first on S&M Bikes.

RIDE BMX Know Your Roll – Master Clamp

Posted by: RIDE BMX Know Your Roll – Master Clamp Kink
November 12th, 2015

CLICK HERE for more info and photos from our Kink Master Clamp. A unique offering, for anyone that needs, or prefers, a removable Seat Clamp over a built-in one…

Master Clamp

Happy Birthday Kelly Baker

Posted by: Happy Birthday Kelly Baker FBM
November 12th, 2015
Kelly Baker at FOD. Late 90s

FBM Loves Kelly Baker!

Today Is Kelly Baker’s Birthday, the king of the apes, 49 and ready to shine, one of the best BMX has ever seen, and a total badass forged of raw energy and inspiration.

Kelly Baker’s story isn’t like that of most , for starters, he has been around as long as many of the rock star Icon’s that define BMX in Movies like Joe Kid, and in Books like the freestyilin re issue, and he is from a small town off the map, like many of the riders throughout history that have come and gone, into obscurity.
Some of the main differences between Kelly and some of his peers, for starters, is that KB still rides a BMX, and has for at least 40 years, with the fervor of some one more than half his age Kelly is not a rock star, or a paper Icon for BMX, he’s what some call- The rider’s rider. A working class hero, a father and a husband, and one of the toughest, most uncut riders to ever grace our sport.

Random notes-

1. He’s Awesome

2. He doesn’t give a shit!

3. He’s Awesome!

Here are some pictures from over the years and a video with one of the most sincere and dedicated riders I’ve ever met-

FBM How To- With Kelly Baker from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Build your own fun! This pic says a lot. Legend...KB- and the original Angel Of Death Prototype! KB and toast, late 70's KB, over the FBM Crew! summer 09 x it up.... Super awesome!









Learn Tabletops from Gary Young

Posted by: Learn Tabletops from Gary Young Odyssey
November 11th, 2015

Gary Young is the perfect candidate to be teaching the lesson. Legend.

Alex Hiam video

Posted by: Alex Hiam video Colony
November 11th, 2015

Whilst Alex was in the USA recently he spent some time with his good friend Boyd Hilder and filmer Dave Pendleton in San Fransisco and came back with a pretty amazing video filled with some great diverse riding from both of the guys. Make sure you check this out…

Boyd’s Video Tour of San Francisco

Posted by: Boyd’s Video Tour of San Francisco Demolition
November 11th, 2015

Boyd Hilder and his buddy Alex Hiam spent some time in San Francisco during their US Summer trip and came up with this amazing edit. So much good stuff from both of them, showcasing how well rounded and insanely talented they are. Click play and enjoy this one! Filmed and edited by David Pendleton.


November 11th, 2015


IN STOCK NOW! a fresh batch of CB4Ks in house at FBM at the FBM Machine Shop!

Featuring: A one piece CNC machined steerer tube, Roasted heat treated straight gauge legs, Roasted heat treated 3/16″ laser cut dropouts that are angled at the bottom for grind clearance, a compression bolt that accepts a 6mm hex key for easy installation and removal, and clearance for 2.4″ tires.

Handcrafted in New York

Colors- Gloss Black, Gloss Clear
Offset – 35mm
Tire Clearance – 2.4″
Weight -35oz
Material- 4130 chromoly steerer tube, legs & dropouts
Aluminum compression bolt
Height -315mm
Steerer Tube Length- 164mm
Requires press-on race
Steerer Tube Diameter 1-1/8″
Compression Bolt-25×1.5mm
Compression Bolt Tool-6mm Key Key

Phone: 607-257-3480







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