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Pete Radivo flashbacks

Posted by: Pete Radivo flashbacks Colony
February 15th, 2015

Whilst Pete recovers from what feels like his 50th knee reco his brother Dao has uploaded their dvd’s Project One and Glasses from the early 2000’s. Pete really had some amazing footage for the era along with the rest of the guys so hit play for a trip down memory lane…

Breaking Boundaries with Alex Hiam

Posted by: Breaking Boundaries with Alex Hiam Colony
February 14th, 2015

The guys over at FOX are heading out on the road between Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Alex will be on the trip so be sure to make it out to the one of the stops…


Simon O’Brien video

Posted by: Simon O’Brien video Colony
February 13th, 2015

Any Simon footage is good footage, check the latest wizardry from him in this new video filmed at a few of his local spots…

Polly update

Posted by: Polly update Colony
February 12th, 2015

Hey guys! The last couple of months have been super good, heaps of work on at the shop and I’ve been doing a heap of riding! I’ve got a lot of time in with my gorgeous girl, Katie. Tom moved down and is living with us which is so fun aswell! I was lucky enough to head over to ADL with Dean and Cooper for The October fest trails and then just got to spend a weekend up in QLD riding with the crew and got to meet a few idols of mine which was unreal! Thank you to Clint, Niki and Hardy for having me, it was too good!!

I’ve been slowly but surely clocking a few clips with Cooper to finish up my video which I’m stoked on!

To top it all off I’m off to the USA in a couple weeks for 3 weeks!



Andre Jesus update

Posted by: Andre Jesus update Colony
February 11th, 2015

Hey guys, the past two weeks I spent in England riding some of the indoor parks. I had to stop riding for almost 2 months because I had a problem with my finger, but now I’m feeling great to ride again. Here are a few photo’s I took whilst over there.




Trip Gallery

Posted by: Trip Gallery Colony
February 10th, 2015

We’ve got a photo gallery up on TCU from our recent trip down the east coast of Australia. Check out some of the photos from the good times here


Fresno Jam

Posted by: Fresno Jam Colony
February 9th, 2015

A few of us are hitting the road next month for a session down in Fresno, CA. Looking forward to hanging out with the locals and just the trip in general. Make sure you guys get out there if you are anywhere near Fresno.

fresno jam

Jourdan Barba update

Posted by: Jourdan Barba update Colony
February 6th, 2015

Hey guys just checking in, been real busy lately with work and my boys Stefan and Abel. I’ve also been trying to get a new Colony video finished that I’ve been really pushing myself to get my best footage to date so keep an eye out for that in the next month or so! Follow me on insta @jourdanbarba to keep up with my day to day adventures !


Jack Kelly update

Posted by: Jack Kelly update Colony
February 4th, 2015

These past couple of weeks I’ve been mostly riding local parks, a little street and my flat rail with good friends while the boss man aka Cooper Brownlee has been away. But I got a few clips with him this past weekend and a few pictures. I also caught the tail end of Colony’s shop tour a couple of weeks back and hung out at Strictly, Prahran and Box Hill to ride with the locals.



Colony Trip Photo Gallery by Cooper Brownlee

Posted by: Colony Trip Photo Gallery by Cooper Brownlee Colony,The Come Up
February 3rd, 2015


I spent 12 days driving up and down a good chunk of the east coast of Australia with some of the Colony guys and from the photos it should be pretty clear that we had a blast and rode some good places. Bobbie Altiser made the trip out to Australia for the adventure and snapped a bunch of great disposable camera images along the way. Hope you guys enjoy the gallery…


chrisc-flair-backyardChris Courtenay backyard flair on the first day in Brisbane.




clint-no-foot-nose-box-hill_LRWe shot this just for the entertainment value of the hat Millar is wearing that he scored off Ricky Catanzariti mid trip. No foot nose pick over the spine at Box Hill.




bob-over-tooth-whip-LR2 hours in high temperatures took it’s toll on both Bobbie and I but it was worth it to get this clip.




chrisc-handplant-coffsChris Courtenay all the way to the top of the vert wall at Coffs Harbour park.


clint-canadian-coffs-LRAs soon as it dried up in Coffs Harbour Millar went to work on the extension as Stretton watched on.




keith-full-pipe-carve-LRKeith Treanor was over at the start of the trip and all he wanted from me was to shoot a carve in Elanora’s full pipe. Job done even with a bit of rain.

keith-full-pipe-LRThe monster that is Elanora.




lukep-table-coffs-LRLuke Parker blasts the corner in Coffs bowl.


lukep-tbog-bondi-LRBondi is always a go-to  spot for a trip for obvious reasons, most of which are in this photo of Luke.

lukep-tbog-coffsLuke Parker does good toboggans, good enough to be filmed by people with iPads out.




ricky-rocket-noseAlways coming through with creative shit, Ricky had a broken finger the entire trip but by the way he rode the entire trip you wouldn’t know it. Rocket nose manual in Canberra.


tom-fairfield_LRI have no idea what this is called or how Tom gets in and out of it but he does.




zac-ice-fakie-wodThis set up really got slaughtered by Zac… Straight up and down ice fakie in Wodonga.


zac-table-wodTable transfer from Miner.



tom-footjam-whip-candybar-LRLost for words on this…



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