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Product Preview: Front F-Lite Wheel

Posted by: Product Preview: Front F-Lite Wheel Deluxe
September 21st, 2012

Here’s something else coming out soon – the new F-Lite complete front wheel. Featuring a V3 F-Lite hub laced into a satin black double-wall, welded 6061-T6 M12 rim, using black spokes and built to go fast. More details soon, if you need ‘em – but here’s a sneak photo.

Product Preview: Leather Seat

Posted by: Product Preview: Leather Seat Deluxe
September 20th, 2012

Here’s another product preview – this is our new leatherish – man-made leather – leather seat shown on our Interbike show-bike (come see us on the QBP BMX booth). With embossed logo, the seat-post combo set is superlight indeed. And out in a couple months…

Product Preview: V2 Bars

Posted by: Product Preview: V2 Bars Deluxe
September 19th, 2012

New bars coming out soon! V2 bars are multi-butted and thicker-walled than before, and a new graphics touch – and in either 8.25″ or 8.5″ tall, and 28.5″ wide, with 12 degree backsweep and 1 degree up – super comfortable. Hold tight and GO FAST…

PREVIEW: Show Bike

Posted by: PREVIEW: Show Bike Deluxe
September 18th, 2012

This Interbike we’re on the QBP BMX booth, and here’s our highlight – a Deluxe Sacre Bleu frame built up with all new parts (and a set of And 23 forks). This bike features… XXL bars, Shovelhands, F-Lite stem, F-Lite complete wheels, F-Lite pedals, a 28T Pompom sprocket, Bar End bar-ends, Superlight seat and seatclamp… dialled. If you’re in Vegas, pop over to the QBP booth and have a look.

Viva Las Vegas

Posted by: Viva Las Vegas Deluxe
September 17th, 2012

We’re on our way… Interbike 2012 here we come – and this year, we’re on the QBP BMX booth in the BMX Zone, which this time is situated right by the BMX Lounge (well, it looks that way judging by the floorplan layout). See you there!

Photo: The Flamingo Casino, The Strip. Shot this on a Mamiya C330f with Mamiya Sekor f2.8 80mm lens, using Kodak Vericolor II Type S film stock, and printed with a little custom rebate in the darkroom. Scanned on the Nikon flatbed, and colour corrected in post using Photoshop CS6.

(Did I f’k. This is just a Hipstamatic snap from last year. Looks nice though…)

Interview: The Hunt x Tyler

Posted by: Interview: The Hunt x Tyler Deluxe
September 15th, 2012

Tyler filming Jeremy Ball on location in Colorado. Photo by Ted Van Orman

You may have already seen Jeremy’s teaser edit from the upcoming Hunt Video project, so wanting to know more about this we caught up with Tyler Deschaine who nailed it together. A short version of this interview was published elsewhere online for a bit (and it’s no longer on that site), and here’s the full-length version with more detail and info. To read the interview, hit

Jeremy’s Hunt teaser…

The total number of full-time, professional, BMX filmers on the surface of our green and blue planet can be counted on all the hands of your average human being: there just aren’t that many going around. Of course there are the filmers who stand on the peripheries of the sport who also film random stuff besides BMX, and you see them popping up at the larger events with AAA passes dangling around their necks and wide angle lenses stuffed into places they shouldn’t be, but your actual dedicated filmers who film just BMX alone are few and far between. It’s a tough game to break into, and it’s definitely not that lucrative, but there are ways and means – and a few are lucky enough to already work in the BMX industry and can balance this work with filming projects.

Part-time videographer Tyler Deschaine hails from the Northwest of the United States and spends many of his weekends creating timeless video parts, while his working days are spent at the legendary bike brand Diamondback, helping tune their bike design and products – now, there’s a brand name that’s been around BMX for eons. DB’s roots are deeper than most, and a recent upsurge in the brand’s product line, with more signature frames and dialed complete bikes for 2013, is largely down to Tyler.

Tyler’s just put the final tweaks down on a video short which forms part of the upcoming Hunt 2012 video project – so we spoke to him about what goes into a whole new video part, his other video work based around his local scenes and for other BMX brands, and how he mixes his creative urges with his work within the BMX industry. If this is something you may want to do, start making some notes…

Q: So when did you first learn about The Hunt, and what did you think of the concept?
A: I first learned of the Hunt last year when the contest was announced. I thought it was a brilliant concept that sets it apart from the rest of the video contests by putting focus on not only the rider, but also the filmer.

Of course, video contests have kinda been done before, but what sets The Hunt apart?
A lot of riders and filmers take it very seriously. Because of that, you get the best riding, filming and editing out of each team. Everyone is on their A-game. The bar was set really high last year and everyone wants to raise it even more. It’s really fun to watch. It also gives an up-and-coming rider and filmer a chance to burst into the scene and really make an impact.

How does it work in 2012 — what’s the set up with this year’s Hunt?
This year is similar to last year as far as the format goes. A filmer and rider team up and produce a video part over a span of three months. The video is submitted to a stacked panel of judges, including Chris Doyle, Gary Young, Jamie Bestwick, Scotty Cranmer, Adam22 and Josh Harrington. Top 10 videos are forever glorified on the DVD and receive a prize pack based on placement, and the DVD will be available via iTunes and hard copy.

So what came first here though — you thinking that you wanted to create a video part, or Jeremy wanting to ride for one? Who approached who first here?
I knew I wanted to produce a part this year based on how awesome last year’s contest turned out. Last year I never really gave it any thought, and when the video was released I sorta was bummed I never gave it a shot. So when they announced this year’s Hunt contest I contacted Jeremy to see if he would be down. He was more than stoked. So we hammered out the plans over a few phone calls and started booking flights.

So when did you start working on Jeremy’s part then?
Well since Jeremy lives in Michigan and I am in Seattle, we had to plan a few locations to film. It made it a bit tricky and kind of put us at a disadvantage. We both flew into Colorado the last weekend of May to film as much as we could. We then planned to film in Michigan the following week, which didn’t work out. And then in Seattle the end of June.

Screenshot of Jeremy’s Hunt part…

So in all these locations, did you aim to film on several different spots?
Yeah, we wanted to film a lot of trails for his part. So we planned to hit Morrison trails in Colorado. Ted Van Orman is a long time fellow Michigan friend of ours and lives in Denver and digs at Morrison. So he and Kelly graciously let us crash on his couch for a long weekend and aided as a Colorado tour guide. I also have to give a shout out to Ryan Tague, Pat Sabo, and all the locals for letting us session and film their spots. You guys rule. We only had three days to film in Colorado so we made the best of it. Hitting three different spots over three days, we were lucky enough to have good weather most of the trip minus a little wind here and there. But we were able to get a solid foundation of footage. This got the ball rolling – pun intended – and we were feeling pretty optimistic. We were shooting to film the following week in Michigan, but Jeremy was in the midst of finishing his school year – Jeremy is full time high school teacher in Quincy, Michigan. He also was in the middle of a championship season with his girls’ softball team, as he also coaches girls’ softball at the same high school. So we weren’t able to hook up back home. Later in June Jeremy flew out to Seattle to film for a week. That was the extent of our filming. A total of maybe 14 days, plus the few days Jeremy filmed with Chad Ruhl. Thanks again Chad.

Most of the parts on The Hunt will be street or skatepark style sections, so what angle have you gone with for Jeremy?
There will be a lot of trails in our part… Jeremy is a very well-rounded rider. He can hop rails, do gaps and manual with the rest of them, but where he really shines is over a set of doubles. I really love Jeremy’s style. It’s a perfect blend of smooth, fast, and high. I think his part really shows this. They call him The Instalocal for always showing up to a spot and riding like he’s been there for years. With some skatepark footage and a few street clips thrown in, I think his part is really well rounded. I think a lot of riders will appreciate that.

How do you think it’ll stack up compared to other video parts?
There are some pretty big names in the line up this year. I hope people are stoked on it. It will be cool to see where it ends up. Regardless what happens, it was a ton of fun to take on a project like this. If given the opportunity next year, I would do it again for sure.

How did you balance your filming duties with your other full-time work?
I work full time as a product manager for Diamondback Bicycles. It’s a very consuming job and I travel an awful lot throughout the year. I love my job and I have learned a lot about the bicycle industry. Filming and riding are also very important to me and balancing the three can be quite a challenge. The Hunt part was probably my most ambitious video project to date. Everything else I have done in the past has been web based with a really relaxed time line. With such a strict deadline for this project, in one of the busiest times of the year, I definitely had quite the exercise in time management. I try to give myself the most realistic time lines possible. But it never hurts to challenge yourself. And I definitely did just that with Jeremy’s Hunt part.

Did you have any particular headaches with making the section?
When Jeremy came out to Seattle, weather caused quite a headache. Summer comes late in Seattle so when everywhere else was basking in the sun. Seattle still was wet. We had one solid day of filming at our local trail spot Lynnwood. Then the rest of the week we dodged rain. The North West has some amazing concrete parks. With all the trail footage we acquired in Colorado, we had planned to hit a few parks and hopefully mix it up a bit. We were able to get a few short sessions at a few parks in between rain. I do think the weather held us back a bit. Weather aside, Jeremy actually separated his clavicle trying a huge opposite 360 the first day filming. Despite it bothering him the rest of the trip, he decided to tough it out and we were still able to get some stuff done.

Screenshot of Jeremy’s Hunt part…

How did you fix your music choice?
The Hunt requires that you use license-cleared music. My sister worked at a coffee shop in Seattle and one of her co-workers is a drummer in this band Trip Like Animals. They were playing a show one night and I tagged along not knowing how good they were going to turn out to be. After the show I expressed interest about possibly using one of his songs in the Hunt part. He was more than stoked and hooked me up with a copy of their album. I picked the song I liked the best for Jeremy’s part and we sat down and cut a new track. The song is originally over five minutes long, so I needed to shorten it. I think the song fits his part real well. Thanks Joe for the support!

Are you guys stoked on making the short list for the finals?
I couldn’t be more excited! With the amount of submissions this year, it is truly an honor to make the semi-finals. I hope the judges are happy with the part and I think everyone on the judging panel can appreciate some solid trails footage. I am excited to see what happens!

Having seen the final list, who else are you looking forward to seeing video parts from?
Oh man, the list this year is a doozie. Pat Casey and JC Pieri’s part is going to be insane. Pat kills the contest scene, and it’s going to be awesome to see what he puts together for a video part. Cory Weirgowski is another Michigander that kills it on the streets. Pretty excited for that. Dan Foley is an amazing filmer/editor, I can’t wait for that eye candy. And of course, with Justin Soule’s previous video projects, I cant even imagine how amazing his part with Mike Gray will come out. He is definitely one of my favorite BMX filmmakers out right now. And Mike kills it!

So what next for your video projects?
I have been working on a video part with Dan Closser for S&M over the summer. That has been a bit slow coming due to all the traveling I have been doing lately. But I think that piece will be a really fun watch. I am taking a slightly different approach to the editing and filming. It will have a lot of lifestyle in it, so I’m really excited for the final product. Other than that I have acquired quite a bit of extra footage of some of the Lynnwood and Morrison locals. I plan to edit it up into a nice trail edit. Look for that coming out post-trail season.

Screenshot of Jeremy’s Hunt part…

More of Tyler’s video work…

Welcome Jam Flier

Posted by: Welcome Jam Flier Deluxe
September 14th, 2012

A few more details for the upcoming Welcome Jam at the Potoczny‘s – see the flier for all the info!

VIDEO: VTL vs Vinewood

Posted by: VIDEO: VTL vs Vinewood Deluxe
September 14th, 2012

Perfect. Dig Ger‘s new video, saying, “a few clips gathered from Boyd‘s Hawaiian get-together back in May and Spry’s Old Man Jam”

Note from the man himself: “probably best you tell people the video’ broken if you watch it in standard def it stops at 1.20, but will play all the way through in HD.”

VIDEO: VTL vs Vinewood

Posted by: VIDEO: VTL vs Vinewood Deluxe
September 14th, 2012

Perfect. Dig Ger‘s new video, saying, “a few clips gathered from Boyd‘s Hawaiian get-together back in May and Spry’s Old Man Jam”

VIDEO: Kill The Line by Prettyshady

Posted by: VIDEO: Kill The Line by Prettyshady Deluxe
September 13th, 2012

Last but not least, here’s Joe‘s Prettyshady coverage of Kill The Line

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