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Vancouver Trip – Day 3

Posted by: Vancouver Trip – Day 3 Colony
July 13th, 2015

Yesterday was the 10th year of the Canadian Concrete contest so we spent the day at that and although the weather wasn’t on our side in the morning it did clear up to perfect riding conditions which in turn created an awesome event! A good amount of people came out to ride and watch the sessions which really did heat up when we got to the PRO class along with the high air contest and best trick. Both Victor and Nathan made it to the finals and Victor ended up coming out on top but it couldn’t have been any closer between placings.

Massive thanks to Blaise and everyone that made the day a success.

We ended up hitting Horse Shoe Bay park again that evening which was a good time where Brandon even got back on the bike with his finger still pretty average but you wouldn’t know it from his riding.







Vancouver Trip – Day 2

Posted by: Vancouver Trip – Day 2 Colony
July 12th, 2015

Today we hit up the Horse Shoe Bay park which was pretty amazing. Brandon, Nathan and Victor were all killing it although Brandon did end up breaking a finger it seems but he is running with it, see how it is tomorrow.

We then hit up the 3Ride jam and with the rain coming down we weren’t sure how it was going to go but fortunately it let up for a bit and although it was wet on the ground for most of the time everyone still had a good time. Shoutout to all the crew that came out and the guys at 3Ride for putting it on…








Vancouver trip – Day 1

Posted by: Vancouver trip – Day 1 Colony
July 11th, 2015

Today myself, Nathan Sykes, Chris Bracamonte and Victor Salazar flew to Vancouver, met up with Blaise and Brandon to ride for 6 days along with hitting the Kirkstone jam and the Jam at 3Ride. Today was a good start to the trip. See you all at 3ride tomorrow.











Josh Dove 18″ product range video

Posted by: Josh Dove 18″ product range video Colony
July 9th, 2015

With the emerging growth in the number of smaller rippers out there in the BMX world, we saw a gap in what was available for them to buy & ride.

The introduction of our 18″ product line, gives these little shredders access to the same high end parts that the 20″ world enjoys.

Our 18″ version Sweet Tooth frames, Dagger forks, Sweet Tooth forks, Pintour wheels & soon to be released 22’s cranks in 165mm makes up a full high end 18″ product line. Our own Josh Dove show’s in this video exactly what these little bikes are capable of doing. Available now at all Colony dealers worldwide.

Pool sessions with Treanor

Posted by: Pool sessions with Treanor Colony
July 9th, 2015

Yesterday morning we hit up a pool with Keith before it got too hot. Keith was on fire…


Alex Hiam update

Posted by: Alex Hiam update Colony
July 8th, 2015

Hey Guys !!

The past month I have been taking it easy, trying to rest and relax as much as possible to make sure I can heal as quick as possible.(spleen removed) I have been getting into photography a lot, Drawing and painting to pass my time.

But now I am finally back on the bike. It’s been 4 weeks since my Operation and my Surgeon has given me the all clear to start easing back into riding. I couldn’t be more stoked !!! I have to take it real slow at first because my scars are still healing and stretching. I am training at P2P fitstop a couple of days a week. p2p fitstop is a personal trained workout that strengthens my body for BMX.

I fly to the USA in two weeks so I got lucky enough to get some Labour – Tiling work right before I leave with a good friend Clint Bensley to save for my travels.

I have a lot of good things to look forward to in USA.. I am in California for 3 months doing Vans Contest , Recon contest & more !!! Super Excited.



Nathan Sykes update

Posted by: Nathan Sykes update Colony
July 6th, 2015

Another great month of riding and living in sunny California. Been a busy month doing shows with Team Soil. Did my first show where I had to drive the truck and trailer and run sound and announce. Was pretty crazy to do the whole thing, but was such a fun time getting the crowd hyped!

The weather has been nice and warm this last month. Seeing the 90’s every day in my area. So morning seshes and evenings have been much better to try to beat the heat. Been getting a few days down at Bundy which has been nice because I haven’t riding those trails in almost 2 years.

Also my Locals Only X Colony seat is out! Stoked on how it turned out and hope everyone that picks one up enjoys it too.




ACT Jam Instagram Slam

Posted by: ACT Jam Instagram Slam Colony
July 5th, 2015

Tom has a few clips in this Instagram Slam from TCU that the guys filmed during the Canberra Jam a few weeks back…

Tom Stretton update

Posted by: Tom Stretton update Colony
July 4th, 2015

Hey guys

I’m writing this update from a doctors surgery. It’s basically where I’ve been spending most of my time lately other than bed. 3 weeks ago in Canberra I came off in something stupid and small and hurt my leg. At the time I wasn’t sure wether it was bad or not so I hung around for a bit and sauced it up with the best crew so I could see the Backbone Video premiere. (which you should all go out and get as soon as humanly possible!) Thanks to Colony, Clint, Rhysty and Backbone for such an incredible weekend.

Apparently I have destroyed my tibial plateau (shattered into little pieces) and fractured my tibia, along with destroying my ACL and possible damage to my PCL. They wanted to operate on my leg asap but apparently it was so fidgety that it would have done more damage than good. So at this stage I’m waiting for my MRI next week and then an appointment with some important orthopedic dude to make a plan for the best outcome. I won’t know the extent of my ligaments until after the MRI obviously but they have already said I’ll most likely need a knee reco.

At the moment I’m just trying to stay positive and really looking forward to finally having a plan for all this. I can’t walk for 6-12 weeks so that’s a bummer, but I’m at my parents recovering and Carolyn Stretton is a god damn SAINT! Hahah, thanks mum.

As soon as I know what the go is I’ll try and put an update up to let people know what’s happening. It may be a long while until I’m riding again but shit happens and I fucking love my bike. Just glad I’m not Pete Radivo and don’t do this every other weekend haha. Love ya Pete.

Until next time. Peace!



Riding photo: LC

Hobie Doan Welcome To The Team!

Posted by: Hobie Doan Welcome To The Team! Goods
July 3rd, 2015

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