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Feel My Chest Muscles

Posted by: Feel My Chest Muscles Credence,Defgrip
February 19th, 2015


Sometimes its the un-hyped little projects that come out of nowhere that are the most enjoyable. Such is the case with the video above. Clint Reynolds hooked me up with a hand stenciled copy he had just burned on his computer around New Years and I was pleasantly surprised.

This easy going collection of bad-assery is a must for any trail dudes out there, or fans of good BMX fun. The Credence dudes are awesome. Click below for a teaser they just released and search this out at bike shops.

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Alex Smillie

Posted by: Alex Smillie Defgrip
February 18th, 2015

2 choice cuts from the internet godz that I have recently hit play on more than once. Internet godz? Shut up. Hit play.

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A night with Shane Badman

Posted by: A night with Shane Badman Colony
February 18th, 2015

Tuesday night I spent rolling around Melbourne city with Shane on the hunt for some unique spots to shoot photo’s. We came up on a few great spots and the photos below are the result from shooting at them, we had a bunch more spots planned but ran out of time so no doubt we will be back at it soon…




DownUnderGround this weekend

Posted by: DownUnderGround this weekend Colony
February 17th, 2015

The Sydney leg & first stop of the 2015 DownUnderGround Flatland Series, is on this weekend in Sydney. We’ve donated a brand new 2016 Colony EXON flatland frame prototype as a raffle with all proceeds going towards the pro purse. Anyone can won the frame, just buy some tickets. Should be a big day of flatland happenings down in Sydney on Saturday.


Yo yo !!

Pete Radivo flashbacks

Posted by: Pete Radivo flashbacks Colony
February 15th, 2015

Whilst Pete recovers from what feels like his 50th knee reco his brother Dao has uploaded their dvd’s Project One and Glasses from the early 2000’s. Pete really had some amazing footage for the era along with the rest of the guys so hit play for a trip down memory lane…

Breaking Boundaries with Alex Hiam

Posted by: Breaking Boundaries with Alex Hiam Colony
February 14th, 2015

The guys over at FOX are heading out on the road between Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Alex will be on the trip so be sure to make it out to the one of the stops…


Simon O’Brien video

Posted by: Simon O’Brien video Colony
February 13th, 2015

Any Simon footage is good footage, check the latest wizardry from him in this new video filmed at a few of his local spots…

Polly update

Posted by: Polly update Colony
February 12th, 2015

Hey guys! The last couple of months have been super good, heaps of work on at the shop and I’ve been doing a heap of riding! I’ve got a lot of time in with my gorgeous girl, Katie. Tom moved down and is living with us which is so fun aswell! I was lucky enough to head over to ADL with Dean and Cooper for The October fest trails and then just got to spend a weekend up in QLD riding with the crew and got to meet a few idols of mine which was unreal! Thank you to Clint, Niki and Hardy for having me, it was too good!!

I’ve been slowly but surely clocking a few clips with Cooper to finish up my video which I’m stoked on!

To top it all off I’m off to the USA in a couple weeks for 3 weeks!



Andre Jesus update

Posted by: Andre Jesus update Colony
February 11th, 2015

Hey guys, the past two weeks I spent in England riding some of the indoor parks. I had to stop riding for almost 2 months because I had a problem with my finger, but now I’m feeling great to ride again. Here are a few photo’s I took whilst over there.




Fresno Jam

Posted by: Fresno Jam Colony
February 9th, 2015

A few of us are hitting the road next month for a session down in Fresno, CA. Looking forward to hanging out with the locals and just the trip in general. Make sure you guys get out there if you are anywhere near Fresno.

fresno jam

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