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Radical Rick

Posted by: Radical Rick Defgrip
April 3rd, 2013

radical rick, bmx, damian fulton, bmx, interview, the union

Maaaaaan, I always thought it would be sweet to interview the dude who did the Radical Rick comics one day. Jeremy Pavia got it done.

Hit up The Union to check out Jeremy’s interview with Damian Fulton.

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Alex Hiam – Day in the life

Posted by: Alex Hiam – Day in the life Colony
April 3rd, 2013

Alli Sports just dropped this Day in the life with Alex which they filmed a few weeks ago. Alex and his friends hit up some rock pools along with a session at Pizzy park and the GC.


Posted by: ACT Jam Colony
April 3rd, 2013

Zac just shot through an update from the recent jams that went down on the long weekend up in Canberra…

“Act jam went down on the weekend. So good to have something like this happen in Australia let alone my home town. The jams set up so you ride a different skatepark over 3 days, Weston, Belco and Tuggers. so much crazy shit went down. There was a fair turnout over the long weekend, not that many outta towners really which was a let down. Peta was there which was awesome, good to have a beverage with her. Josh Epplestun took out the under 16 champion, he was shredding all weekend. Will Gunn took out the ACT jam champion, he absolutely killed it at every park with local lines and going massive everywhere. Thanks to the guys at Backbone for putting it all together, so stoked act jams back on again, can’t wait till next year.”

I Stand Corrected

Posted by: I Stand Corrected Defgrip
April 2nd, 2013

With Vampire Weekend getting ready to release a new album, I’ve been revisiting their previous material, wearing more plaids and trying to apply to Ivy League colleges. ALSO! I’ve revisited the video part that introduced me to Vampire Weekend in the first place; Dan Cox in Tomorrow We Work. I loved Dan’s part and this video as a whole, so check it out again.

Shout out to Joe Cox.

Click below for Vampire Weekend’s new video for “Step”.

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Dan Bob Crash Reel

Posted by: Dan Bob Crash Reel The Come Up
April 2nd, 2013

I met up with the infamous Dan Bob in Austin and we tried to get a bunch of footage. Tried. When he headed back to Philly, I had a bunch of insane crashes on my computer plus one big ass railhop he did. I showed a few people the last crash in this, and they agreed that it was a shame to let it rot on my harddrive, so here we are. Seriously the last fall off the roof in this is completely fucking nuts, I don’t know how he walked away from that.

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On This Date Last Year…

Posted by: On This Date Last Year… Defgrip,S&M
March 30th, 2013

We posted this classic S&M piece.

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Perspective: Edwin Delarosa

Posted by: Perspective: Edwin Delarosa Defgrip
March 29th, 2013

The Diggest started new series called Perspective. Edwin De La Rosa is the first person they chose for the series and he talks about his outlook on riding. Check it out for yourself.

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Perspective 001 – Edwin De La Rosa

Posted by: Perspective 001 – Edwin De La Rosa Defgrip
March 29th, 2013

No words. Except FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!

S/O to the DIGGEST crew. More HERE.

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Lost in Lone Star

Posted by: Lost in Lone Star Defgrip,Demolition
March 29th, 2013

Enarson + Slattery + Smith + Wise + Lodes + Napolitan + Mastroni = This.

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Cool Story Bro

Posted by: Cool Story Bro Defgrip
March 28th, 2013

Loving this series from Mutiny. The latest Cool Story Bro is with George Boyd and features a storm trooper, a transformer, and a boxing chihuahua. Check it!

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