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Kriss Kyle-O-Rama

Posted by: Kriss Kyle-O-Rama Defgrip
November 16th, 2013

This is good one to sit back with. Not only is Kriss Kyle rad, but Chase Hawk is in it, they visit Austin and there’s some of Joe Simon’s handy work at the end.

Furthermore, Breaks Mag has good interview with Kriss that’s a good read.

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Roll Call Premiere

Posted by: Roll Call Premiere Defgrip
November 16th, 2013


Don’t forget, the new Dan’s Comp DVD premieres next Saturday. So if you like watching Devon Smillie, Alex Magallan, Raul Ruiz, Matt Wilhelm, Van Homan,Ben Hucke, Broc Raiford, Terry Adams, Hoang Tran, Seth Kimbrough, Morgan Long, Shane Weston, Tony Hamlin, Trey Jones, Tony Neyer, Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche, Chad Kerley, Chase Dehart, Stevie Churchill and probably some more, than get to The Bakery if you can.

Click below to check out the trailer in case you missed it.

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Young Gap Enthusiast Exits Skatepark In Style

Posted by: Young Gap Enthusiast Exits Skatepark In Style The Come Up
November 16th, 2013

Happy Saturday you guys.

The post Young Gap Enthusiast Exits Skatepark In Style appeared first on The Come Up BMX.

Woodward West Shootout 2013

Posted by: Woodward West Shootout 2013 Colony
November 15th, 2013

Next week you can check out the videos from the 2013 Woodward West shootout which we were involved in, everyone put in some solid work and had a blast so we can’t wait for the video to be released.


Web Advert – Alex Hiam

Posted by: Web Advert – Alex Hiam Colony
November 14th, 2013

We shot this indian super seaty in Millars backyard last week with Alex on his new bike going hard straight up. The Sweet Tooth now has a lower stand over height along with the 19.8 having a lower height again to suit the younger crew wanting to hit it on a Sweet Tooth. More information about Alex’s frame can be found here.


Down The Middle Tour: Athens

Posted by: Down The Middle Tour: Athens Defgrip
November 14th, 2013

Greece, yo.

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Battleground Jam Edit!

Posted by: Battleground Jam Edit! Goods
November 12th, 2013

Goods BMX/Battleground Jam 2013 from Goods Bmx on Vimeo.

Cooper Brownlee video

Posted by: Cooper Brownlee video Colony
November 12th, 2013

Cooper spends a good amount of his time behind the lens but he wanted to work on something new from in front of it which is what you have here. Filmed over the past year throughout Australia and the USA.

Yo yo !!

Aaron Ross Breaks The Bakery Sign!

Posted by: Aaron Ross Breaks The Bakery Sign! Defgrip
November 9th, 2013

Check out the Bossman freecoastin his way through the latest Baker’s Dozen.

Shout out to the Bakery.

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Zac Miner Backbone advert

Posted by: Zac Miner Backbone advert Colony
November 8th, 2013

This would have to be one of the craziest gap to rails around and I know Zac has eyed up a few things on it, Stoked to see him get this one ticked off. Props to Raine Turnbull on the photo aswell. The Backbone DVD is going to be nuts!

Click here now to read some behind the scenes info over on the 2020BMX Magazine site now.


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