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Stacked BMX Shop Promo Video

Posted by: Stacked BMX Shop Promo Video The Come Up
April 21st, 2014

Larry Alvarado has made a dream come to reality as he’s opening his very own BMX shop in Riverside in the name of Stacked BMX. He put together this really dope promo video featuring a bunch of amazing riding from Dan Norvell, Matt Closson, Erik Noonan, Gremlin, Dylan Stark, Mike Hucker, Dennis Enarson, Daniel Johnson, Jourdan Barba, Larry Alvarado and more! They are working on a grand opening/jam for May 3rd as well as videos and other. Follow them @stackedbmxshop and support a rider owned and operated shop.

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More Fire From Dennis

Posted by: More Fire From Dennis Demolition
April 18th, 2014


While filming for Dennis’ Rig line promo, our very own Joey Cobbs got this sick looking no-handed 3 pic over a big ol gap.  Click image to go BIG.  And if you live under a rock and haven’t seen Dennis’ amazing/ latest Rig line edit, check it out HERE>>

Enarson’s Rig Line Gallery

Posted by: Enarson’s Rig Line Gallery Demolition
April 17th, 2014


Our good friends over at Markit Denim put up a rad little gallery yesterday of photos shot throughout the filming of Dennis’ Rig Line edit. Head over to MARKIT DENIM and check out amazing photos like this fake whip down a four stair and then when your through checking those out, click on this LINK and watch Dennis’ edit again because it is simply too good not to.

Dennis Enarson 2014 Video

April 15th, 2014

HOLY SHIT. This should take no convincing on my part for you to hit play. 6 minutes of Dennis being Dennis, one of the most well-rounded riders out to promote his new line of parts from his sponsor Demolition. Footplant 3 off the roof was so crazy looking on the fish angle, he just kept dropping out of the sky…

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Dennis Enarson’s Demolition Parts Parts Part

Posted by: Dennis Enarson’s Demolition Parts Parts Part Demolition
April 15th, 2014

Dennis Enarson and good friend, Christian Rigal originally set out to make a quick lil promo video for Dennis’ new Rig line of parts but ended up coming back with 6 minutes of bangers on just about everything rideable from SD to SF. There’s not enough words that can describe how good Dennis is on a bike and how much control he has on dirt, street and ramps. Dennis’ Rig line bars (out now), tires and cranks are fully designed and tested (thoroughly by the looks of this video) by Dennis himself. Watch now and be ready to get stoked.

Dennis Rig bar is available now
Rig Crank will be available Summer 2014
Rig 2.4 & 2.25 tires will be available Fall 2014
Music: Power Of Zeus – “The Death Trip”
Filmed & Edited By Christian Rigal

F.O.D. Trail Gallery with Dennis, Connor and Friends

Posted by: F.O.D. Trail Gallery with Dennis, Connor and Friends Demolition
April 8th, 2014


There is a rad Gallery of Dennis, Connor and friends at the F.O.D. trails the guys over at Markit the other day. If you haven’t already seen it be sure to click on the link HERE and check it out.

Also while your over the be sure to check out the new Rob Wise unseen Markit Zero photos that they just posted this morning. Those guys are killing it over there!

Spring Product Release Jam Edit

Posted by: Spring Product Release Jam Edit Demolition
March 28th, 2014

A few weeks back we had a jam at Clairemont Skatepark in San Diego to celebrate the release of all our spring products and to shred with all the local rippers. Damn near half the Demo team made it out to the session and seriously shut the park down with all the insane riding they let loose on the place. Other Pro riders like Broc Raiford, Demarcus Paul and Dylan Stark also made it out to ride and only helped progress the session into the insane level that it got to. Mastroni really came through with the fire on this edit and did a great job capturing that high paced insanity that went down. Big thanks to everyone who came out and made the jam a success, you guys all rule!!  Also, be sure to check out our gallery we had up from the jam HERE >>

Dennis Enarson Spring Release Jam Wallpaper

Posted by: Dennis Enarson Spring Release Jam Wallpaper Demolition
March 20th, 2014

insanely cranked 180 lookback out of a grind courtesy of Dennis Enarson

Dennis absolutely murdered the Spring Product Release Jam on Saturday with too many crazy moves to list. But if you ask me this grind to 180 lookback has the perfect mix of burley, tech, and style into one amazingly rad and rare trick to see done right. So click on this photo to check it out big, save it as your new wallpaper, and get stoked for the next Demo Jam that is sure to go down at a skatepark near you!

Demo Spring Product Release Jam Photo Gallery

Posted by: Demo Spring Product Release Jam Photo Gallery Demolition
March 16th, 2014

Growing up in BMX, jams were always a huge highlight. Contests were awesome for sure but jams were way more laid back, stress free sessions, with some of your favorite pros and a chance for you and your friends to get to hang out with them a bit. The idea for this jam was no different, lets get everyone together to have a great time and get a chance to win some awesome BMX goods. The only difference is now we are making the plans for a jam and hoping that enough people saw the flyers that some of them will show up. It’s funny how you never have doubts about a jam being successful, unless your throwing the jam, then your convinced it’s going to be a ghost town at the skatepark that day. Regardless of my feeling of paranoia about the turnout, tons of people showed up, locals, riders from out of town, tons of demo pros, and a lot of other pros too, it was unreal how many people showed up. What was even more unreal was the riding, one minute Doyle would be throwing huge fakie variations on the street quarter, then the next minute Kris Fox would footjam fakie a 10 foot vert quarter, Dennis was throwing insane grind variations on the uprail with Broc Raiford and Christian Rigal and the list of craziness that went down just keeps going and going. Check out this gallery from the madness that went down at our jam on Saturday, be sure to click through the whole gallery because the riding is insane all the way through to the very end.

Highly Talented Riders Go To Argentina to Demonstrate Their Talents For Navaz’s Camera and to Represent Their Footwear Sponsor

Posted by: Highly Talented Riders Go To Argentina to Demonstrate Their Talents For Navaz’s Camera and to Represent Their Footwear Sponsor Defgrip
March 12th, 2014

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