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Re-Up: Dennis’ Haro Video

Posted by: Re-Up: Dennis’ Haro Video Demolition
May 18th, 2015

Just saw on some of the blogs that someone put up “People Are Awesome 2015″  compilation edit and saw Dennis had some clips pulled from his Haro edit he last did and figured we’d repost his whole edit.  From start to finish it’s absolutely nuts, watch again now!


Posted by: ALCANTARA & ENARSON Demolition
April 11th, 2015

Not every cover photo is the perfect situation; It could be in the middle of the night, deck on fire, raining and you’re tired but Dennis and Ruben made it all happen.  Here’s the video of it all going down.

As a compliment to the all-encompassing video we posted yesterday, I went ahead and put together this rather awesome timeline of what Ruben Alcantara, Dennis Enarson, Vincent Perraud, and Christian Rigal went through to get their photo. As Ruben states it, as everyone was eating burritos from Taco Bell in sunny SoCal, they were out putting in work to make it happen. And obviously their hard work paid off, as Vincent scored the cover with his amazing photo. Again, thank you to everyone involved! – RIDEbmx

Dennis Enarson & Ruben Alcantara Behind The Cover Video

Posted by: Dennis Enarson & Ruben Alcantara Behind The Cover Video The Come Up
April 11th, 2015

To go along with the full One Moment In BMX video that dropped yesterday, Christian Rigal put together this awesome look behind the scenes look of what would eventually be the cover of the latest issue of Ride. Its pretty awesome that he calls it out too. But with two legends giving it the over under, Vince Perraud behind the lens and FIRE, how could that scenario not result in a cover shot?

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FLASHBACK: Welcome Back Edit

Posted by: FLASHBACK: Welcome Back Edit Defgrip
April 10th, 2015

Let’s take it back to 2011 and the “Welcome Back Edit” that Christian contributed to the grip.

After being broken and collecting dust for the last 3 years, I finally got my VX fixed and decided to make a ‘Welcome Back Edit’ with my friends. Featuring Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson, Connor Lodes, Ronnie Napolitan, Billy Macpherson, Mike Jonas, Devon Smillie and Big Kenny Enarson. Enjoy my friends!

-Christian Rigal

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One Moment In BMX Video

Posted by: One Moment In BMX Video The Come Up
April 9th, 2015

Late last year Ride went to their contributors with the idea of shooting photos at a specific time to showcase just how much BMX is going on around the world at any given time. November 23rd at 1pm PST was go time and teams of riders, photographers and filmers from California to Spain all converged on that One Moment to collectively create something special. The article came out awesome and this video does well to show the anticipation, the build up and the payoff of one extraordinary moment in BMX.

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Brandon Means’ March 2015 Gallery

Posted by: Brandon Means’ March 2015 Gallery Demolition
March 31st, 2015

Our friends over at VitalBMX just put up an awesome March 2015 Photo Gallery by Brandon Means featuring Dennis, Connor, Christian, and more. Above Christian gets steezy with a fence ride to flatty. Head over to the Vital site to check the full gallery.

Nice Set Up – Dennis Enarson

Posted by: Nice Set Up – Dennis Enarson Demolition
March 25th, 2015

Dennis has up a bike check gallery up at RIDE UK and featured this badass downside whip to disaster while Enns makes sure nothing happens to his dirt halfpipe he made.  “No dig no ride!”

Press Rewind – Cinema X Markit BMX in Las Vegas

Posted by: Press Rewind – Cinema X Markit BMX in Las Vegas The Come Up
March 15th, 2015

A few months back, two of the heaviest teams in BMX, Cinema & Markit, took a trip to Sin City and came back with a little under ten minutes of pure bangers. If your crew is waiting on you to roll out but you’re still at the computer, do not hesitate to put this on. It will double the amount of high fives and landed tricks in your crews sesh. I don’t really see the steam on this one cooling anytime soon.

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Dennis Enarson Rig Line

Posted by: Dennis Enarson Rig Line Demolition
March 13th, 2015

Dennis Rig Interview: Tires
Dennis Enarson just dropped an unreal edit this week for Haro. It really is mind-blowing. It’s unbelievable how good Dennis is, how he can not only pull the most insane tricks and lines, but make them look effortless; even when he does them opposite. Then to find out he pretty much had a bum back during the filming makes it that much more jaw-dropping. If there was ever a stamp of approval and endorsement of reliability for Dennis’s Rig line, then that was it. Rig bars, tires, and 24mm cranks all taking the beating and rolling on. Check out what the man himself had to say in Rig Line interview we did with him last Sept here>>

On This Date Last Year…

Posted by: On This Date Last Year… Defgrip
March 12th, 2015

we posted this mighty fine Nike In Argentina video. Get reacquainted.

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