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etnies Proudly Welcomes Chase Hawk

Posted by: etnies Proudly Welcomes Chase Hawk Etnies
November 1st, 2013

My name is Chase Hawk. I was born July 25, 1986 in Austin, Texas and currently reside there today. I was introduced to BMX by my dad buying me my first BMX bike when I was seven and haven't stopped since. I started out racing not too long after I got my first bike, and I raced for about seven years before a skatepark opened up near my house when I was thirteen. I rode at 9th Street on and off while I was racing, so I always had a dirt background, but as soon as the skatepark opened up I couldn't get away from it and soon after quit racing. It has been pretty crazy for me growing up in Austin seeing how it is one of the biggest travel destinations that most bike riders have on their to-go-to list. The amount of locals that I have seen come and go, and the amount of world travelers that have visited year after year has been pretty life changing and surreal. I feel fortunate to have experienced the scene grow from when I first started riding at a young age to now. Being able to ride with riders at a young age, such as Joe Rich, Robbie Morales, Taj Mihelich, Sandy Carson, and Ruben Alcantara (just to name a few), has shaped me into the rider I am today. I feel very fortunate to ride for etnies considering that some of my all-time heroes have been a part of this company. Good times will be had!

Shop the BMX Collection and see more of Chase Hawk!

Highly Recommended: Etnies Scouts

Posted by: Highly Recommended: Etnies Scouts Defgrip,Etnies
October 24th, 2013

etnies scouts

etnies, scouts

Nobody is paying me to say this, nobody asked me to plug these and I know damn well that Etnies is pushing these hard right now…. but these new Etnies Scouts are awesome. That’s straight from the heart maaaan!

I got some black Scouts prior to Texas Toast Jam as I knew that I would be standing/running on concrete for 3 days, so I had to step up my foot comfort game. Basically…  these things are light, comfortable, cushion-y and I fully recommend them as a chilling/lifestyle shoe. Plus, everyone wants to look as cool as Chase Hawk.

Hit up Etnies for all the info and technical-ness on them.

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Introducing The Etnies Scout

Posted by: Introducing The Etnies Scout Etnies
October 14th, 2013

Introducing The Etnies Scout

Scroll Down

United Colors of etnies

Posted by: United Colors of etnies Etnies
July 24th, 2013

United Colors of etnies

  • Barge LS United Black

    etnies Barge LS United
  • Brake 2.0 United Black

    etnies Brake 2.0 United
  • RVM United Black/Blue/White

    etnies RVM United
  • Chaley Black

    etnies Chaley
  • Unitetis Zip Grey Heather

    etnies Unitetis Zip
  • Unitetis Crew Grey Heather

    etnies Unitetis Crew
  • Unitetis Henley Grey Heather

    etnies Unitetis Henley
  • Unitetis Tee Black

    etnies Unitetis Tee
  • etnies Barge LS United
  • etnies Brake 2.0 United
  • etnies RVM United
  • etnies Chaley
  • etnies Unitetis Zip
  • etnies Unitetis Crew
  • etnies Unitetis Henley
  • etnies Unitetis Tee

Etnies Evolution Foam

Posted by: Etnies Evolution Foam Defgrip,Etnies
June 30th, 2013




Etnies has some sweet new technicalness for your feets. If you follow any of their team riders on Instagram, you may have caught some info on it. If not, click through this handy flipbook.

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On This Date Last Year…

Posted by: On This Date Last Year… Defgrip,Etnies
April 9th, 2013

We posted Tom Dugan’s musicless “Full Throttle” Etnies edit. Never forget.

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etnies Saves Soles with the LA Mission

Posted by: etnies Saves Soles with the LA Mission Etnies
April 1st, 2013


April 2, 2013 (Lake Forest, CA) – For 16 years etnies owner and CEO Pierre-Andre Senizergues has inspired his staff, pro riders, family and friends to head to L.A.’s Skid Row and rally together at the Los Angeles Mission’s annual Easter event to donate shoes to the thousands of homeless living on the streets. Skid Row is a scary and tough place to survive without a home and the reality is the homeless wear their shoes around the clock to keep their feet protected and warm. Each year etnies has the pleasure to personally witness the pure joy and relief a new pair of shoes brings to the lives of those less fortunate. etnies would like to share that experience with the world.

etnies 2013 skid row easter

etnies 2013 skid row easter

etnies 2013 skid row easter

In addition to the shoe giveaway, the Los Angeles Mission’s annual Easter event that took place on Good Friday also provides thousands of Skid Row’s homeless with a hot meal, live music, foot washing and Easter baskets for the children. This year marks 16 years & 38,0000 pairs of etnies in partnership with the Los Angeles Mission.

Satan Laughs As Slattery Eternally Kicks Your Ass!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Satan Laughs As Slattery Eternally Kicks Your Ass!!!!!!!! Defgrip,Etnies
January 28th, 2013

The title of this is technically “Roll With It”, but I like mine better.

From Etnies:
Geoff spends so much time in the air, whether on a plane or on his bike. He’s been busy traveling and stacking footy from all over, but not too busy for an etnies edit… guess he just Rolls With It. Here’s Slattery slaying it. Props to anyone who can name all these spots!

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Roll With It

Posted by: Roll With It Etnies
January 27th, 2013

Etnies Marana

Posted by: Etnies Marana Defgrip,Etnies
January 8th, 2013


If you follow etnies on Instagram and such, you may have noticed a noticeable push for the Marana shoe lately. I noticed, so I hit up Povah for more info. Before everyone freaks out and gets all BMX jihad, The Marana is aligned with Ryan Sheckler  (red version only). He is a heartthrob, so it’s all good. If you can’t get ass in these, you might as well just wear these everywhere. Even Chase Hawk is a fan.

For real though, they look good.

Click below for pics and info on the Marana.

etnies, marana








The etnies Marana technology breakdown:

STI Evolution Foam™ – The innovatively crafted STI Evolution Foam™ molded midsoles in the Marana replaces your typical EVA, PU and heavy rubber with a durable, abrasion-resistant, ultra-lightweight and high-impact rebound cushioning foam. Its molecular build is resistant to abrasion and has a high-impact rebound quality so it won’t pack out when landing hard. Plus, STI Evolution Foam™ enhances the cushioning and comfort of the footbed and noticeably decreases the weight of the shoe.

Non-Slip Grip Outsole – Created with a thick herringbone tread with deep grooves, the Marana outsole has an insane grip and just doesn’t wear down with all the abuse skateboarding puts it through.

Injected Rubber Toe Cap – The Marana toe cap is fused-on with injected rubber and has no stitching making it super hard to wear through, no matter what your skate style is.

Available now for US$75 (€80 / £60), the Marana comes in red/white and an all-black color. The new performance shoe can be found at and etnies retailers around the globe.


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