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Pedal Power Jam Vid.

Posted by: Pedal Power Jam Vid. FBM
March 30th, 2015


FBM Pedal Power Jam from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

One cool looking photo!

Posted by: One cool looking photo! FBM
March 30th, 2015


Kyle Hibbard looking STOKED in Syracuse NY at Cranx Skatepark shot by Bryan Tarbell.
This photo looks cool!

The Stoke Machine

Posted by: The Stoke Machine FBM
March 26th, 2015


We announced earlier this week about the struggles we have faced this winter, with an amazing response filled with good vibes, support, and overall positivity from FBM friends, family, the industry and beyond. It was awesome.

During this whole ordeal, we’ve been making it happen, working hard, making stuff so that we can make stuff.
We started building a new space, rebuilding the machine shop, the offices, the warehouse, building forward momentum, and building the modern version of the FBM Stoke Machine.

Although it’s still very much a work in progress getting set back up, we are currently making bikes, picking up the slack and moving in a positive direction.

We make bikes, bike parts, we make ideas real, something tangible. Whether it be a t-shirt, or a sticker, a video, a handlebar, or a weekend filled with good times, bringing a community together, to inspire each other, to share ideas, to make each others lives better, even if its one smile at a time, one bunny hop, one bicycle, one high five, it is that exact simplicity that we rely on to bring us the stoke-age . It might just be silly t-shirt, or a bike, or saturday afternoon parking lot jam, but what makes all of it important, are the people involved, and the people we get involved that make it all happen, and make it all worthwhile. You can’t just order that shit from a catalog.

We build vehicles for getting awesome, we share ideas that inspire these efforts, we draw on these same influences to inspire us, and in that resonance, like a wheel that keeps spinning, we do our best to keep that momentum going in a positive direction.

It’s an approach to life, a way of life, to do things yourself, not by yourself, ourselves, our community, our way of doing things, and if if you think you can do it, or that it can be done, its real.

The best people, the best times, the hardest times, the most value, the most reward, has all come to me in one form or another for many of us through FBM, and the empowerment of a a simple thing known as a bicycle, and its taken FBM to all you great people and that’s pretty rad.

FBM Started in Ithaca New York in the early nineties, between some friends on bikes, some cut and paste xerox art, and the desire to make life fun through riding bikes. Today we announce the return to Ithaca, at 478 lower creek Rd, Ithaca Ny, 14850

New Phone number- 607 257 3480

Let’s Get STOKED!

Check out some of the photos below, of the build process…
Stay Tuned.

On behalf of John Corts, Dylan Cole, John Lee, Mike Erb, and Steve Crandall- THANKS EVERYONE!

















I Love My Bicycle: The Story of FBM (Full Movie) from Joe Stakun on Vimeo.

6 things you didn’t know about FBM

Posted by: 6 things you didn’t know about FBM FBM
March 23rd, 2015


In the past few months, we have been face with multiple issues that have disrupted FBM’s business operations, heres a brief rundown of our weird ass bike company and the winter antics.

As a small independent manufacturing based company, we have different details to our operation that add up to making it difficult to have lots of cash flow, things like tooling expenses, machine shop supplies, maintenance, manufacturers liability insurance, welding supplies, and a laundry list of other complicated details that come along with assuming the responsibility and the task of making bikes, and parts, and warehousing them on our own.
We choose to do things this way…
One of the drawbacks is that the space we require as a company such as FBM is rarely affordable given the nature of the BMX industry, and we end up in places like an old shoe factory that made boots for U.S. soldiers during Wolrd War 2.

In addition to what is listed below- Some of you may know- John Lee had a bad accident, and while he recovers we are down one person with the day to day at Headquarters. John Lee is the man who essentially manages the warehouse, and much of the behind the scenes action at FBM, him being out for a couple months has had an impact on our everyday work scenario.


1.We got word a little while back that the landlord  of the building where
FBM’s warehouse, offices and machine shop had NOT paid any property taxes
and the building was being seized. Essentially that left us in a very
difficult situation, and looking to relocate. Local Governement officials posted “NO Trespassing” signs and told us to take a hike…

During the process of looking for a new space to be the home of FBM, the water main at the Johnson City Location froze and exploded, forcing us to shut down production, and further complicate things for a small independent business.


2. To make matters even more absurd, the warehouse was broken into twice, burglarized once, and
on top of all of that, when the police searched the warehouse after the second break in, the K9 dog shit on our floor, and they left without saying anything, and never cleaned it up. The theft didn’t help our situation either. Did I mention it was one of the longest, coldest, stormiest, shittiest winters on record in upstate New York.


3. The paint shop that powder coats FBM frames, just doesn’t paint stuff, we drop stuff off, they forget about them, go on vacation, or get hammered drunk , it is insane…. Did I mention it was one of the longest, coldest, stormiest, shittiest winters on record in upstate New York.


4. The Van we were using to start working the new location caught on fire
after the rear axle sheered off, leaving a load of supplies stranded on the side of the highway during cold, stormy winter weather.


5. This winter in an unheated warehouse with no electricity or plumbing, we started building the new headquarters for FBM, the most professional company in BMX. The weather service reports it was one of the longest, coldest, stormiest, shittiest winters on record in upstate New York. It’s been a cold and trying process, but we are miking it happen ourselves, and its rad,


6. With the help of some good people in our community, we have been lucky enough to face these issues, come together as a group of individuals who strongly believe in the DIY culture, the community aspects of BMX and FBM, the ideas of making cool shit and sharing it with people, and we are on our way to putting a long, challenging cold winter behind us and starting anew.

Things have been very hectic the past 2-3 months, so I also apologize for
any inconveniences, and ball ups, and to all the good people who support FBM, we say thank you, and ask you to hold tight for the next update, we will not disappoint!

Bringing it down

Posted by: Bringing it down FBM
March 23rd, 2015


When Zach Rogers sent over this badass Feeble photo, with a note attached- “FOR TAG”, it got me stoked. Tag’s influence, and his loss is something I have spent a lot of time thinking about the past couple years, as he was so crucial to all that FBM is, and such a badass rider that inspired so many of so long.
One of the things that I realized, is that Tag was always one to challenge himself, with riding, adventures, and work, challenge me in our friendship, and in my role at FBM, challenge the authorities,the Big Bear challenge, challenge what was considered possible, and challenge the status quo, in BMX, in day to day situations, never one to take the easy way out, or be a wimp. Equal parts brave, tough, inventive and capable, in many ways, a Man’s Man.
On that note it got me stoked to see this photo Of Zach, stepping up to a scary ledge and giving it, and keeping that spirit alive. Zach, and Phil Jones and the crew they rides with are always onto something, and its rad. Stoked that they are sharing all of it too.
This winter FBM has faced plenty serious challenges, but we are still going for it.
Get Stoked.
More news soon… Keep posted!














Black rainbows

Posted by: Black rainbows FBM
March 22nd, 2015


When tire marks on a vertical surface make that cool looking rainbow arch, that is deah!

Zach Rogers, Phil Jones and friends getting stoked!

Here are some cool photos from the boys in North Carolina, as seen on Philthy films







The Wheels of Confusion Finale!

Posted by: The  Wheels of Confusion Finale! FBM
March 20th, 2015


Uk documentarian Fraser Byrne came along on FBM’s end of summer tour, on the way to our 21st Birthday party in upstate New York and Filmed this series- Wheels of Confusion, below is the series finale… Pretty badass.
Check out the series here!


Dillon Leeper on Vital

Posted by: Dillon Leeper on Vital FBM
March 18th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 6.45.10 PM

Matt Coplon, everyones favorite Sisters of Mercy fan, shot some photos featured on Vital BMX, and Profile also upload this badass video of Dirty Dills in Denver!
Get Stoked, Leeper Bros are on fire!

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 6.45.26 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 6.45.46 PM

High Point

Posted by: High Point FBM
March 17th, 2015


Here are a few photos from Phil Jones of Zach Rogers and some friends riding in High Point North Carolina and Kings Mountain. Check out more cool photo on Philthy Films, and scope the more recent videos from Phil and Zach Below!








Zach Rogers 2014 Edit from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Phil Jones Edit 2014 from FBM BMX on Vimeo.


March 16th, 2015


Longtime friend, supporter and BMX Icon- Butcher has a cool article on Dig Mag and can be seen rocking an FBM Beanie in the photos.
Dig Has been posting a bunch of cool original content lately including this Sound track article with Bob Scerbo!, stoked to see this kind of stuff being shared amongst BMXers…




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