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#TexasToast2014 – Footage from Navazio

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Footage from Navazio Odyssey
October 22nd, 2014

Navaz just uploaded one hell of an epic Texas Toast video. Between the aerial shots, slow-mos, and clips of Nyquist raising the roof, this video has a ton of great visuals. Hit play if you know what’s good for you.

#TexasToast2014 – Dig Photogallery

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Dig Photogallery Odyssey
October 22nd, 2014


First, Sean Sexton undoubtedly has one of the best looking whips in BMX. It has that classic Van Homan / Taj Mihelich downside feel to it that just makes me cuss like a sailor each time I witness one happen. Second, click on over to the new Dig Website for a great gallery from Texas Toast!

View the full gallery at »

#TexasToast2014 – Complete Highlights

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Complete Highlights Odyssey
October 22nd, 2014

I made this video as a kick off for the Texas Toast awards at NORA Cup…it was made about two hours after the event wrapped up and it’s based off the prelims video (the reason for the same song). But, I still think it does a pretty damn good job of showing how damn good Toast is as a whole. You can pretty much hear people screaming the entire time and the looseness of the event really comes through. It’s something that Toast, no matter how big it gets, should ever lose. I definitely had a great time this weekend and I’d venture to say that Toast is one of, if not the best events in BMX. Already psyched for 2015…

- Ryan Fudger / Ride BMX

#TexasToast2014 – ESPN Photogallery

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – ESPN Photogallery Odyssey
October 21st, 2014

Morgan Wade

Sandy Carson just unleashed a full batch of photos from Texas Toast over at Click on over for photos of BMX, awesomeness and randomness.

View the full gallery at »

#TexasToast2014 – Finals from Woozy

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Finals from Woozy Odyssey
October 21st, 2014

The boys at Woozy BMX just posted their Finals highlight reel. Click play to check it out.

#TexasToast2014 – Street Finals

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Street Finals Odyssey
October 21st, 2014

All of the hammers from street finals at Texas Toast 2014. Keep your eyes peeled for an all expansive recap video that we’ll be dropping very soon.

- Ride BMX

#TexasToast2014 – Highest Hop Challenge

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Highest Hop Challenge Odyssey
October 21st, 2014

Ride BMX came through with a more comprehensive look at Sunday Bikes‘ Highest Bunnyhop Challenge. Brett Silva came close to matching up with Broc this year and they both ended up clearing the 48″ mark. As you’ve probably already seen though, Broc took the win by hopping over the whole thing (49″). It’s kinda wild that throughout Texas Toast’s 4 years running, Broc has made over $2,000 in cash and prices from something as simple as a bunnyhop.

Oh and another notable thing about this year’s hop contest is Kyle Hart getting foot loose and stomping an extremely high hop out of a fast-plant.

Friends Til the End – Chase Hawk and Joe Rich

Posted by: Friends Til the End – Chase Hawk and Joe Rich Odyssey
October 20th, 2014


If you need a friendly reminder as to why Chase won that NORA, click on over to Dig BMX for all the proof you need.

This caption is spot on:

“What do you mean? How did Chase do so good at that contest, it says here his best trick was a 360, I can do that!” Yep, just a simple 360, we all can do these right ?

Chase Hawk – Ramp Rider of the Year!!!

Posted by: Chase Hawk – Ramp Rider of the Year!!! Odyssey
October 20th, 2014

The good dudes at Ride threw one hell of a NORA Cup party last night and our boy Chase got to bring home one of those shiny cups!

Oh and as icing to an already badass cake, the legendary Dave Osato was the one who presented it to him.

#TexasToast2014 – Day 3 Highlights from Vital

Posted by: #TexasToast2014 – Day 3 Highlights from Vital Odyssey
October 20th, 2014

Here are some Day 3 highlights from Vital BMX!

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