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Key Chain – Available Now

Posted by: Key Chain – Available Now Odyssey
May 23rd, 2014

Odyssey Key Chain

The first shipment of the highly anticipated Key Chains have arrived in our Southern California warehouse. They have gone through QC and will be shipping to dealers soon. This post has all the info you need to know about the Key Chain, including installation videos.

The Key Chain has been designed and engineered from the ground up and we know that you guys have been waiting a long time for these to arrive, so we appreciate your patience.

1. Oversize Pins: Traditional chain pins are 3mm in diameter. The Key Chain’s are 5mm, and they are available with a hollow or solid pin assembly. These oversized pins are 4-times stronger than traditional pins, and the chances of bending one, whether the pin is hollow or solid, are essentially zero. The 5mm riveted pins provide added strength, but they also provide a bigger contact surface with the chain’s plates, which makes them harder to push out or bend. The hollow pin assembly, by design, allows for a stronger rivet connection to form during manufacturing, resulting in a stronger chain overall.


2. Thicker, Lower Profile Side Plates: Each plate has a low profile and an extra narrow waist that makes it harder to catch the plates at unwanted times. At 1.4mm, the plates are substantially thicker than the plates of any other chain, and they’re also more than 50% harder to bend than the thickest existing 1.2mm chain plates too.


3. Unique Master and Half Links with Threaded Pins: Users can break and re-join the chain with just a 3mm hex key. The chain’s half link plates are taller at the bends to both increase stiffness and minimize stretch. Since the use of a chain breaker to re-join the chain has been eliminated, the pins can retain their original level of tightness from the factory. Also, carrying a spare master link and 3mm allen key in most cases is enough to repair the Key Chain when riding, so lugging around a chain tool is usually unnecessary.

4. Low Overall Weight: By using material as efficiently as possible we have strengthened every component of the chain and kept the weight in the same range as our Bluebird chain.

5. Low Stretch: Stretching of the chain is minimized by using a standard alternating plate pattern and limiting the chain to a single, beefed up half link. This configuration maximizes the lifespan of the sprocket and driver.


Check out what rider’s think

I have had the pleasure of running this chain for a couple of years now. I could tell from the very first sample that Odyssey was on to something because even though I was purposefully punishing my chain, it refused to break. Fast forward to present day and the Key Chain has seen many refinements and I believe a new bar has been set for bmx chains.

- Gary Young

I’ve been riding the Key Chain for over 4 months now and it hasn’t broke once. I can’t say any other chain has held up like this one does.

- Jared Swafford

I’ve been a fan of this chain ever since I put it on. It’s easy to deal with and looks rad.

- Aaron Ross

The Odyssey Key Chain is the most reliable feeling chain I’ve ever ridden. With its thick plates and durable pins, I don’t need to run a guard sprocket because after testing it I know it’s gonna hold and I won’t have to check for busted links after bashing and grinding it!

- Jake Seeley

More about the Key Chain

How to Install

Download the Manual
(Click here for PDF Version)




Chase Hawk X Games Commercial

Posted by: Chase Hawk X Games Commercial Odyssey
May 22nd, 2014

Check out Chase Hawk (and Ryan Nyquist) in this X Games commercial, along with other notable people. X is coming up!

Likewise at Bishop Skatepark

Posted by: Likewise at Bishop Skatepark Odyssey
May 21st, 2014

Come watch our San Diego buds throw down some sweet stunts while sporting some incredible mustaches. Kyle Hart, Tom Perry, Dirt Ron and more are all in on this party.

Catching up with Adam Banton

Posted by: Catching up with Adam Banton Odyssey
May 21st, 2014

Adam’s been a busy dude this month. His third album, Escapism, is now officially complete and with that project wrapped up, it looks like he’s been clocking in some fun times on the bike.

Learn more about Adam’s latest album above and click here to purchase it on iTunes!


May 20th, 2014


The Full Factory Ramps await you! If you’re in California (or close enough to drive), we hope that you can come down and ride the (normally) private set up behind the Full Factory warehouse. NO HELMET, NO RIDE.

Special thanks to Etnies for additional support.

[RE-UP] Aaron Ross Baker’s Dozen

Posted by: [RE-UP] Aaron Ross Baker’s Dozen Odyssey
May 18th, 2014

Aaron’s Baker’s Dozen from The Bakery is too good not to watch again.

Tom Dugan Does Malaga

Posted by: Tom Dugan Does Malaga Odyssey
May 16th, 2014

Tom Dugan and Brian Foster meet up with Ruben Alcantara in Malaga. They check out Ruben’s new park, hit up a trail jam, re-visited Ruben’s infamous dirt quarter and travelled around a bit to escape the rain. As always, Dugan flew to the moon.

Tom Dugan

FOX BMX: Aaron Ross in LA

Posted by: FOX BMX: Aaron Ross in LA Odyssey
May 15th, 2014

During a quick trip to California, Aaron Ross took to the streets of LA for FOX BMX. Enjoy!

ODSY VISION: Welcome to the AM Team Jacob Cable and Travis Hughes

Posted by: ODSY VISION: Welcome to the AM Team Jacob Cable and Travis Hughes Odyssey
May 13th, 2014

Odyssey’s newest AM team riders, Jacob Cable and Travis Hughes, just fired out their welcome edit, and we’re really excited about it. Enjoy!

Gary & Broc – Ride BMX Black Hole Clips / Vol. 1

Posted by: Gary & Broc – Ride BMX Black Hole Clips / Vol. 1 Odyssey
May 9th, 2014

The Ride BMX crew is always out filming clips and shooting photos so you can bet they always have a stash of footage waiting to find a home. Sometimes they work their way into a project of some sort and other times they end up in a black hole. In Volume 1, you can catch some unseen clips from our Gary Young, Broc Raiford and a whole batch of others.

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