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Dew Tour BMX Street Semi-Finals Video.

Posted by: Dew Tour BMX Street Semi-Finals Video. The Come Up
October 12th, 2013

Here are the best runs of the top 10 qualifiers from yesterday’s street contests. Chad Kerley, Garrett Reynolds, and Dan Lacey qualified 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively, with Stevie Churchill and Dennis Enarson just behind in 4th and 5th. Finals take place today at 4pm PST.

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Fox – 2013 Deluxe Collection

Posted by: Fox – 2013 Deluxe Collection The Come Up
September 17th, 2013

Get a look at Fox‘s Deluxe apparel collection in this new promo featuring Sean Sexton and Chase Hawk. You can check out the full collection and pick some of this stuff up on

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Gold Pro Volume 4

Posted by: Gold Pro Volume 4 The Come Up
September 3rd, 2013

Steve Croteau was crazy busy with finishing Deadline and that’s probably why we haven’t seen one of his infamous Goldpro video for a while now. But it was worth the wait and he’s back at it with this volume 4 featuring some dope riding and hilarious shit from Garrett Reynolds, Tony Ennis, Ty Morrow, Jeff Jones, Steve Croteau, Augie Simoncini, Tony Neyer, Brendn Reith, Stevie Churchill, Sean Sexton, Gabe Brooks, Bruno Hoffman, Ryan Runke, Brandon Kitson, Chris Marshall, Colin Varanyak, Jj Palmere, Vin Crispino, Blackman and Kevin Kiraly.

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Sean Sexton – Rapid Response

Posted by: Sean Sexton – Rapid Response Odyssey
September 3rd, 2013

Click on over to Dig BMX for a Q&A with Sean. Did you know he originally wanted to be a pro motocross rider?

Rapid Response: Sean Sexton

Posted by: Rapid Response: Sean Sexton Kink
September 3rd, 2013

CLICK HERE to see what Sean has to say to a bunch of random questions on DIG…


Photo by Ricky Adam.


Re-Up: Kink’s Squash It DVD

Posted by: Re-Up: Kink’s Squash It DVD Kink,The Come Up
August 25th, 2013

Kink really did it right with Squash It. As always, there was no shortage of amazing riding in a bunch of exotic destinations, but it all happened in about a year, wasn’t overhyped to death and maybe best of all, it was free and almost everyone who came out to the premieres walked away with the video in-hand. For those of you who somehow managed to dodge a physical copy, they were awesome enough to put the whole video online this past week. If you didn’t catch it then or haven’t watched it in awhile, Sunday night seems like a good time to Squash It.

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Sean in Viva La Revolucion

Posted by: Sean in Viva La Revolucion Kink
August 23rd, 2013

Sexton and a few other dudes headed to an exotic location earlier this year for Empire X Odyssey BMX. Check it out…

Viva La Revolución

Posted by: Viva La Revolución Defgrip
August 23rd, 2013

buy eye glasses online

See what happens during the latest ODSY-VISION getaway with Odyssey/Empire riders Aaron Ross, Tom Dugan, Sean Sexton and Tom Smith.



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ODSY VISION: Viva La Revolución

Posted by: ODSY VISION: Viva La Revolución Odyssey
August 23rd, 2013

We gathered up some of Odyssey‘s and Empire‘s finest riders – Aaron Ross, Tom Dugan, Sean Sexton, and Tom Smith – and ventured to one of the most interesting and exotic locations we could think of. We ended up with one hell of an adventure, a bunch of stories, a sweet Ride UK magazine article, and this video. I hope you enjoy.

Filmed and edited by WALTER PIERINGER.

Ross, Hawk & Sexton in SF

Posted by: Ross, Hawk & Sexton in SF Odyssey
August 21st, 2013

Check out our boys cruising around SF in the FOX edit. Can’t go wrong with Aaron, Chase and Sean in one edit.

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